Chevrolet is planning on unveiling the first electrified Corvette this week, with a hybrid version due to be announced on the 17th January. The upcoming model is set to be called the ‘E Ray Hybrid’ and will likely still use the same 6.2-litre V8 petrol engine, as well as some electric equipment.

Chevrolet released a teaser video which showed the car undergoing some cold weather testing, which if you look closely helps hint that the car will have a four wheel drive set up. In the clip, the front wheels were spinning up before the rears, indicating that a four wheel drive setup is being used.

The car will also have a “Stealth” mode, likely what Chevrolet is calling the EV only mode, which will allow the car to run silently in cities, as not to make so much noise.

Not much information apart from this has been revealed, with the company due to announce more on 17th January.