Mercedes has announced its EV sales for last year. The German car company has managed to double its sales of EVs in 2022, over 2021 with 117,800 pure EV cars sold, which covers both vans and cars sold under the Mercedes brand only. However, with all powertrains considered, the company sold 2,043,900 vehicles to its customers which is behind BMW, who sold 2.4 million in the same time period.

However, Mercedes has also broken down its sales numbers into models, which makes for intresting data. The company sold 19,200 EQS models, 12,600 of the EQE, 33,100 of the EQA, 24,200 of the EQB and then 57,300 compact electric vehicles. All of these stats are up, significantly since 2021.

In terms of electric vans, the company sold 14,700 pure electric vehicles last year which is up by 15% but this has not been broken down per model, however. Mercedes offers the eSprinter, EQV and eVito.