Subway US has partnered with GenZ EV Solutions to bring EV charging to Subway stores across the US. The new rollout will take place over a number of years and will start at any new or recently remodelled stores. The first sites to benefit will start later this year in the US.

Subway has mentioned that apart from charging stations, it’ll plan to have canopies, with picnic tables, WiFi connectivity, toilets and other amenities. Subway, so far hasn’t mentioned how many of these locations it plans on rolling out, with more information likely to be released soon. As of 2023, Subway has 37,000 stores in 100 countries across the world.

The company, GenZ EV Solutions is a fairly new one and has only been in operations since February 2022. The company is also working with RED E Charging to find locations to deploy new charging stations.

Throughout the US, other fast-food stores are planning on rolling out improved EV charging solutions. For example. Starbucks and Volvo have started to work together with ChargePoint for EV charging stations.