Not every piece of technology lasts forever and with the advent of cloud services, not everything is supported forever either. Today, Google has announced that starting on 9th April 2024, the Nest Secure and any Dropcam devices will no longer be supported. There’s no need to panic just yet, as Google is giving them at least one more year of life, before they become useless.

Nest purchased Dropcam back in 2014, the company was a pioneer at the time and was one of the only companies offering affordable, cloud connected security cameras for the home. The Nest Secure was launched in 2017 and was designed to compete with the existing slew of traditional security systems, such as the ones offered by ADT and Yale. The system included the main base unit (pictured) as well as supplemental accessories, with key tags and motion sensors which also doubled as door/window sensors.

To help sweeten the deal of canning off these products, Google will offer a free ADT Self Setup System which is worth $485 or alternatively, $200 in Google Store credit. Those users eligible will receive emails with details. As for Dropcam users, Google will offer a free indoor Nest Cam so long as they are subscribed to Nest Aware. For non-subscribers, Google will give 50% off the same camera.

Also been killed off is the Works With Nest API. Any integrations will stop working 29th September 2022 and Google has advised that users should use the Google Home app for any new automations.