Ford this week has revealed the all new Tourneo Courier, which will go on sale in the UK in late 2024. It is based on the newly announced Transit Courier which will be available as both a combustion and electric. Likewise, the new Tourneo Courier will also be available as an ICE and EV and when it goes on sale, it’ll become the company’s entry level passenger vehicle, as the Fiesta is due to be removed from sale very soon.

Ford removed the Ecosport from sale last year and the new Transit Courier will be produced in the same factory, alongside the Puma in Craiova, Romania.

More details about the upcoming Tourneo Courier will be rebvealedin due course, but the electric model will have a 134bhp motor with 214lb ft torque driving the front wheels. It’ll have a top speed of 90mph with a charge rate of 100kW, good for 10-80% in around 35 minutes.

The ICE model will be petrol only, just like the Puma as companies shift away from diesel. Here it’ll have a 123bhp 1.0-litre turbo petrol unit, which can be found in the Fiesta today. Ford has said that the new Tourneo Courier will be the entry level passenger vehicle, so we’re looking at around £20,000 – considering the Puma today starts from £25,000. However, this is just speculation at this stage and official pricing is yet to be confirmed.

Ford is leaning heavily into EVs, with three models on sale worldwide currently. In the US, the F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E and Ford E-Transit. The latter two are also on sale here in the UK. More models are due soon, including the E-Transit Courier, E-Tranist Custom, electric Puma and the all new Explorer.