Author: Alex Lowe

Twitter will revamp the verified process and offer new coloured checkmarks, says Musk

Elon Musk has shared today that the Twitter verified process is to be revamped and will launch, all going to plan on Friday next week. He has said the authentication process will be a purely manual process but just how that will work with limited staff, remains to be seen. As for the checkmarks, there is going to be new colours, with gold for companies, grey for government accounts and […]

The new London ULEZ zone will cover the entire city

Today, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has confirmed that starting in August 2023, every single area of London, in every borough will be considered a part of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). The only area that wont be affected by this, will be the M25 motorway and will be affecting all areas within the North and South Circular Roads. So, what does ULEZ mean? Well, the zone has been […]

Creator Spotlight #8 – Andrew Till – Mr EV, electric charging woes, video editing and much more!

In the eighth episode of Creator Spotlight, I was joined by Andrew Till, from the Mr EV YouTube channel. Andrew has been running the channel as a hobby for the few years and is a brilliant resource for everything related to charging, new EVs and for added comedic affect, his wife’s opinions on new cars! In this episode, we talk about video editing, the latest EVs that are coming out and […]

India could force Apple to make a USB-C iPhone, just like the EU

The EU has recently passed a new law which will force all manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, and laptops to use USB-C as a universal charging standard. For a lot of companies, this won’t be an issue because they are already doing it and so is Apple pretty much, with all the iPad models now using USB-C, all new MacBooks too, but one major omission is the iPhone, which is the […]

Toyota has revealed the all new, fifth generation Prius

A few days ago, Toyota revealed the all new fifth generation Prius which will be available in 2023. At the moment, we have access to some specs which Toyota has released so far, with more detailed charging specs to be revealed at a separate event on the 5th December. However, for the first time since the car was introduced over 20 years ago, Toyota won’t be putting it on sale […]

All electric Abarth 500e announced with more power and new sound generator

Today, Abarth has announced a new performance version of the Fiat 500 Electric. Fiat and Abarth have been working together for a very long time, producing loud, performance oriented versions of existing Fiat models, including the Fiat 124, Fiat Punto and most famously, the Fiat 500. However, now that Stellantis (the parent company behind Vauxhall, Fiat, Abarth and many more companies) is going all in on electric vehicles, Abarth has […]

Ford reveals all electric Ford E-Tourneo Custom MPV

Earlier today, Ford has revealed an all new electric E-Tourneo Custom, a multipurpose vehicle for transporting people, for families or shuttle companies. While Ford has offered a Tourneo version of the Transit Custom and the Transit Connect, this is the first time that the company is moving it to a fully electric vehicle. The Tourneo models take the commercial van of which it is based and make it more sutuibale […]

Mazda suggests that an all electric MX-5 is in the works

Today, Mazda has released a new promotional video off, discussing its future in the world of electric vehicles. The Japanese firm is investing £8.9bn into the endeavour, but something more interest came out of the video, the MX-5. Mazda didn’t mention the MX-5 by name, but the image above is clearly a sports car of some kind, whether it be something new, revive an old badge name or be a […]

Apple exec, Phil Schiller seems to have deactivated his Twitter account

Over the weekend, Phil Schiller at Apple, who used to be the head of marketing seems to have deactivated his Twitter account. As of late, Schiller is responsible for the App Store and the Apple Events but he has been using his Twitter account to promote new products that the company launches. However, as many people noted – on Sunday last week, it seems the account is gone. Schiller has […]

Cupra Leon now available with two new engines

Cupra has recently added more choice to the engine lineup for the Leon hatchback and estate. The two new engines offer some middle ground between the plug-in-hybrid and the more raucous, 242bhp and 306bhp offerings. The Leon is one of two models that Cupra offers which is also available as an equivalent Seat. The Seat version of the Leon is pretty well specced the same and in some versions, close […]