Author: Alex Lowe

BMW XM is on sale now, from £145,885

BMW revealed the all new flagship XM SUV earlier this year – and in November, it has now gone on sale. The XM is a super-SUV at a super price tag too, starting at £145,885 in the UK and is only the second standalone M car the division has created. 2022 is the 50th anniversary of the M division and is the first electrified car we have seen to wear […]

UK fuel duty set to rise by 12p per litre by 2023

Fuel duty in the UK is set to rise by 12p per litre in March 2023, according to a new report from the Office for Budget Responsibility. The UK government hasn’t had to raise the fuel duty on fuel for a long time, not since January 2011. Fuel duty in the UK sits at 52.95p per litre and that’s purely tax, it was dropped by a token 5p per litre […]

Weekends with the interface – Best stories of the week

Another week has gone by and its time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on the interface. This week, Elon Musk became the CEO of Twitter, the Tesla Model Y is now the best selling car in Europe and just yesterday, Twitter updated its app to support the new paid verification, but it isn’t live yet. Musk says that Twitter Blue Verification will be back on 29th […]

Geely provides more information about the new Radar pickup truck

Geely this week has provided more information about the new Radar Auto RD6. The new pickup truck is an all electric model and sits on the same platform as the other cars that are in the Geely family, such as the Polestar 4, Smart #1 and Lotus Eletre. Geely announced the RD6 back in July this year, but not much information about it was known. However, this week the company […]

MG3 replacement will continue to use combustion engines

MG has said that the upcoming replacement of the MG3 hatchback will continue to use a combustion engine, despite the need for cars to go fully electric. MG has already got three electric models on offer here in the UK, with the MG ZS EV, MG4 and MG5 EV estate. However, MG UK commercial director Guy Pigounakis spoke to Autocar this week and said that the financials don’t add up to make a […]

Microsoft launches new ugly Christmas jumper for 2022

Microsoft has made a tradition of launching new ugly jumpers each Christmas for the past few years. In the years gone by, there have been MS Paint, Windows XP and Windows 98 themed jumpers to mention just a few. However, for 2022 Microsoft has decided to revisit an old friend: Clippy. Clippy hasn’t been seen or used in any software since the early 2000s, when the handy assistant was dropping […]

Twitter is working on encryption for direct messages

Twitter is reported to be working on end-to-end encryption for direct messages, according to well known researcher, Jane Manchun Wong. Jane tweeted earlier this week that she had found that the social media company is working on end-to-end encryption again, based on code she has found in the Android app. Back in 2018, Twitter was working on making DMs fully end-to-end encrypted, but nothing came of it. Twitter was going […]

Ubiquiti reveals the UniFi Mobile Router – currently in Early Access

Ubiquiti has today revealed the all new, UniFi Mobile Router which seems to be squarely aimed at transportation and couriering businesses. The unit connects to the mobile phone networks, using 3G, 4G and 5G. (based on the screenshots in the YouTube video) Something that is becoming a habit for Ubiquiti LTE devices is in the US, they are always locked to the AT&T network and this device is no different. […]

Volkswagen will be making an electric Golf for the ninth generation

The current Volkswagen Golf wasn’t expected to stick around for that long, as it was well understood that VW was planning on replacing it with the ID.3 in the coming years. However, Volkswagen boss, Thomas Schafer has said that in the future, there is room for the all electric ID.3 and a future all electric Golf to co-exist. Schafer has said that the Golf will have an all electric model again […]

Tesla is aiming to produce around 100 all electric Semi trucks this year

Tesla is working to produce around 100 all electric Semi trucks this year, which is higher than previously expected. We reported earlier in October that the company had started production, after many years of delays and setbacks. Tesla is now ready to ramp things up, with 50,000 units per year on the target for 2024. Tesla is going to be holding a delivery event for the Tesla Semi on 1st […]