Author: Alex Lowe

Find out if your Mac will run Metal in El Capitan

Earlier this month at WWDC, Apple’s annual developers conference – Craig Federighi unveiled that the Metal API which was announced last year at WWDC 2014 for iOS 8. Metal is a graphics API which works in tandem what OpenGL to improve the graphical capabilities of the device whist reducing CPU overhead and strain. With OS X El Capitan, Metal is coming to the Mac to help improve performance of games, graphical software and […]

European pricing for Windows 10 released

We now have more detail on the pricing for Europe and the UK for Windows 10, Microsoft’s upcoming release. Only until recently we found out the pricing for Windows 10 in the US, but for the UK and the rest of Europe we weren’t sure. Windows 10 Home will be $129 and Windows 10 Pro will cost $199 in the US. However Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users will get it […]

EE Power Bars are now back in stock

Not long ago, EE started giving out free power bars that to customers, but in just four days – they had a million requests for a free charger, so they had to stop giving out chargers to customers, but now the company has stocked up and is ready to give out the charges again. Just text “POWER” to 365 to claim your free Power Bar, if you’re on EE Starting this week, […]

John Lewis now sells smartphones

  British retailer John Lewis is now moving into selling smartphones, for the first time. The electricals section of the store will now stock a selected array of phones from HTC, LG, Motorola and Microsoft. From today the phones are available online, with Apple iPhones joining the line in July, SIM-free. It isn’t just SIM-free phones that John Lewis are offering, in the Oxford Street store, staff will also try and […]

Windows 10 testers will be able to keep it for free

  How Windows 10 will be released has been confusing and now Microsoft has cleared up on how the next generation of Windows will get to customers and insiders. Last week the company revealed that any testers who wanted to try the operation system would subsequently get it for free in turn for testing out beta software. Now, this week Microsoft has added further confusion to the mix by updating […]

HP’s new 2-in-1 has USB-C

Last week, HP unveiled its new 2-in-1 laptop, the HP Pavilion X2 2015. This new device has a new design as well as a new processor. Most of what is included is the same as last years edition, with the magnetic hinge that transfers the device from notebook to tablet. Like Lenovo’s range of laptops, the Pavilion X2 can fold back to 360 degrees and has tent and stand functions. […]

Apple will now pay artists for Apple Music, thanks to Taylor Swift

Apple has now backed down on its original plans to not pay any royalties to artist, thanks to an open letter from singer, Taylor Swift. In a matter of hours after the letter was sent, Apple revealed that they will indeed be paying artists for music played during a users three month free trial. Following the letter, Eddy Cue reached out to Swift, who at the time was doing a […]

The next iPhone may loose the antenna bands

The next iPhone, iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s may not include the unsightly antenna bands which were included with the iPhone 6. The plastic bands are used to help the radio waves form WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular connections transmit more easily, but some users weren’t so happy with the design choose that Apple made. Although, recently a new patent was filed by Apple which shows that the company is working on […]

Apple Watch now finally available in Apple Stores

After being launched in late April, the Apple Watch is now, finally available to purchase or pick up in Apple Retail Stores. Previously, customers could go into a store to try one on or try out the software on the watch but if you wanted to buy one, store staff only suggested using the Apple website. In a email on Friday, the company announced: “Apple Watch is now available at an […]

Nokia is to get back into the phone game

Nokia is looking at a comeback to the phone market, but recently the company sold themselves to Microsoft and subsequently all the models have been branded as ‘Microsoft Lumia’ as opposed to Nokia Lumia as it was once. But Nokia CEO has come out and said that: “We will look for suitable partners, Microsoft makes mobile phones. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to licence. As […]