Author: Alex Lowe

Sky is now offering a year of free broadband

Nothing is free, that’s what you always here but in Sky’s latest deal it is offering a free year of broadband to new customers. The latest deal started last week and the basic fibre package from Sky which is usually £10 per month, will be no charge for the 12 month contract. A lot of the time with broadband packages, the company will offer a reduced price as a initial […]

Microsoft cuts 7,800 jobs to slow down phone business

Microsoft Lumia and Windows Phone have never really got anywhere, with a less than 10% market share the platform isn’t really that popular. Microsoft has decided this week that 7,800 employees from the phone business will be laid off which is actually 6% of total Microsoft employees as well as writing of $7.5B from the Nokia business. However the company has stated that it int going to give up on […]

Twitch broadcasting will soon come to Sony Xperia phones

Earlier this week, in a blog post, Sony announced a new partnership with Twitch to enable broadcasting of gameplay from phones. There is no clue on how this system will work as of yet but now doubt we will find out when it launches. Twitch live streaming will be compatible with the following Sony phones; Xperia Z3+ Xperia Zv Xperia Z4v Z4 tablet The Director of Business Development at Twitch, […]

Third beta of OS X El Capitan, watchOS 2 and iOS 9 released

Today, Apple has released the third versions of the OS X El Capitan beta, watchOS 2 beta and iOS 9 beta to registered developers. All three operating systems were released exactly a month ago at Apple’s WWDC conference in June. OS X El Capitan beta 3 The third build of El Capitan comes just over two weeks after the second version, this version brings a brand new version of two-factor […]

Sony PS4 1TB will be £350 in the UK, same as Xbox One

The PS4 1TB edition was revealed a little after Microsoft unveiled the larger, 1TB version of the Xbox One – but now we know the price of the PS4 1TB in the United Kingdom and it will be priced at £349.99, which is actually the same as the Xbox One. But like the Xbox, included in the price are some extras such as the PlayStation TV which enables in home streaming […]

Google now testing self-driving cars in Austin, Texas

Google is now testing its self-driving cars in Austin, Texas, in the next phase. Google revealed the plans in a Google+ post recently which basically states that it is very important to test products and software in different environments. The car as first shown to the city mayor of Austin two years back in 2013. Google, from the Google+ blog post We’ve chosen Austin, Texas, as a new testing location […]

Latest SSD from Samsung is 2TB, but is costly

The latest model of the solid-state drives (SSDs) from Samsung now goes up to a whopping 2TB with the new 850 Evo and 850 Pro. Currently these models are only available in desktop versions, but Samsung has confirmed that laptop versions will be coming soon. Samsung has long been making 1TB versions of these drives (over a year in fact) but these upgrades aren’t just an iterative change, Samsung has […]

Amazon “Prime Day” will feature membership and item discounts

Amazon is actually 20 years old today, to celebrate the retail giant is offering £20 off the cost of Prime for the first 12 months as well as masses of discounts; according to Amazon “more than Black Friday.” “Prime Day,” as July 15th is called will give Amazon a chance to sell more things to members of Prime and the actual cost of the membership will down from £79 to […]

Beats 1 has a request feature which it borrows from traditional radio

Apple’s Beats 1 radio which is fronted Zane Lowe, Ebro Dardan and Julie Adenuga has a requests show just like every other radio station. Listeners can request any music that they like on the specific “Requests” show. RELATED – Dr. Dre has his own radio show, on Beats 1 The Beats 1 Tumblr page has a dedicated page for getting in contact when requesting a song, with phone numbers for […]

Dr. Dre debuts his own radio show on Beats 1 later today

This week has been busy for Apple, with iOS 8.4, Apple Music and Beats 1. But as we approach the end of the first week of the brand new radio station we are seeing new shows such as the recently announced show from Dr. Dre himself. at 6PM ET/11pm BST “The Pharmacy” will be broadcasting on Beats 1. Dr. Dre along with other guests will be playing “West coast music” […]