Author: Alex Lowe

Twitch will be live streaming most of E3 2015

YouTube has recently announced that they will be streaming “all” of the games and the press conferences from Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft. Now Twitch, not wanting to miss out is also going to live streaming the gaming conference. E3 is scheduled for June 16 through June 18. Twitch, like YouTube will be live streaming the Nintendo World Championships as well as the Xbox, Playstation, Bethesda, EA, Square and Ubisoft keynotes. Alex […]

What to expect from WWDC 2015

So the next World Wide Developers conference from Apple is hours away, we will be running a liveblog of the event. But what is Apple expected to unveil? iOS 9 The next iOS version is expected to be launched at the event, but we won’t get it on phones until September. It has long been rumoured that this release is going to be similar to Snow Leopard, which abandoned headline […]

WWDC 2015 Live Blog!

Apple’s annual World Wide Developers is just around the corner. Every year in June we get a preview of the next versions of the iOS and OS X operating systems. We are live blogging the whole event on June 8. 10 PDT, 6PM BST. Most of what we see on Monday is iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and what Apple has up it’s sleeve for new music services. We  do know […]

Netflix may be advertising it’s own content on the service

This week, Netflix announced in statement to Cord Cutter News that it is in the process of testing advertisements for other content on Netflix, but not third-party ads like Hulu does. On Monday, Netflix’s Reed Hastings posted on Facebook that; “No advertising coming onto Netflix. Period. Just adding relevant and cool trailers for other Netflix content you are likely to love.” – Reed Hasting, Netflix This testing process could be a move towards cheaper […]

Apple confirms HomeKit, Apple TV will be a gateway

Apple has now confirmed HomeKit, while also creating a support page which list the current range of devices which are compatible with HomeKit. The document also goes through the process of using HomeKit, such as setting up each device on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Also in the support document, Apple has stated that an Apple TV is required to act as a hub for controlling any devices when you’re […]

Google is looking to improve laptop battery life while using Chrome

Google Chrome has always been a problem for laptop battery life, especially on Macs, but the latest version of Chrome is aiming to do combat this. Recently, Google has worked with Adobe to improve the battery drain issues caused by Flash. The most recent update of Chrome has a new feature that can pause Flash content that isn’t being used. The new feature can “intelligently pause content” that isn’t important […]

Apple is recalling Beats Pill XL, because of overheating

The Beats Pill XL was originally launched in November 2013, before Apple even acquired the company for $3 billion early last year. Today it has been revealed that the Beats Pill XL has overheating issues and it has caused a few users problems. So Apple has announced a voluntary recall of the speaker and is recommending that users don’t use it at all. In a press release, Apple has said; “Apple […]

We might not see a new Apple TV at WWDC

Since the Apple Watch and MacBook event in March, rumours have spread that Apple might introduce a new version of the set-top box at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference this Monday. But in a recent report from the New York Times, Cupertino isn’t planning to launch a new model in the end. Since March, various reports have cropped up that a new Apple TV might feature a new touch-based remote and an […]

Tidal is hoping to gain more users, with new features

Tidal is a new music streaming service by Jay-Z, but the launch not long ago didn’t prove successful, so now Tidal is launching masses of new features, apps for Windows and Mac as well as discounts for students. The main idea behind Tidal was to bring high-fidelity music to consumers and making it accessible, but as Tidal is twice the price of Spotify, users need to the value behind it, […]

How to create an account on OS X with parental controls

So you are looking to create an account with Parental Controls on your Mac. If you are concerned what you’re child is looking at on the internet, you can limit them to time, apps and content on the Mac. Parental Controls can also be used to simplify the user interface for less experienced users. First things first, visit the Settings or System Preferences app on your Mac. Then this window should […]