Author: Alex Lowe

the interface turns 10 today!

Today, the 12th May 2023 this website turns ten years old. I started this blog back in 2013 I started it as a side project over the summer, after I had finished school. Back then, it was called A&T Tech. This website you see here was launched in around 2015, but for the first few years it was a Facebook only entity where the articles in full would get published […]

Tesla has cancelled the right-hand-drive Model S and Model X

Tesla has revealed today that going forward, the Model S and Model X will only be available as a left-hand-drive car world wide as the company focuses on ramping up production and improving quality. This decision is in place for the foreseeable future, according to a company representative that spoke to Autocar today. Most of the world drives on the right and car steering wheels being on the left. However, […]

Volvo delays EX90 due to software issues

Volvo has decided to delay the upcoming EX90 electric SUV, which was debuted in November last year. The upcoming car was due to begin production later this year but due to software issues, the company has delayed it until the first half of 2024. Production will take place in Ridgeville, US and Chengdu, China. It is now not confirmed when exactly the EX90 will start being delivered to customers. The […]

MG announces the new all-electric Cyberster

The all new MG Cyberster was announced today at MG’s London Design office, with a few members of the media in attendance. The launch has given us the first glimpse of the upcoming EV sports car in real life, not in video simulations or animations. The car was leaked back in July 2022 from Chinese patent images and shortly afterwards, it was announced that in April 2023, MG would be […]

Ubiquiti releases UISP 2.2.12, with huge UI changes

Just last week, Ubiquiti launched UISP 2.2.12 which comes with some huge changes to the UI. UISP is Ubiquiti’s dedicated management software to monitor and administer its provider devices, such as airMAX, airFiber, EdgeMAX and more. UISP is essentially the UniFi Controller for these kinds of devices, but many of them excluding the UISP branded devices don’t actually require the controller to operate fully. In this new update, Ubiquiti has […]

Ubiquiti Dream Wall (UDW) goes on sale in the EU and UK

Just this week, Ubiquiti has put the new Dream Wall (UDW) on sale here in the UK and the EU, with a starting price of £960.45 / €1,090.80. The new Dream Wall was launched in March 2023 and is a wall mounted UniFi OS Console with an integrated 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless access point, which supports 802.11ax (WiFi 6). On the bottom of the unit are all of the LAN […]

Toyota GR86 to go back on sale in the UK

Toyota put the new GR86 sports car on sale here in the UK last April, priced from £29,995 and it sold out in just 90 minutes. The company has never confirmed how many GR86 units were allocated to the UK but according to recent communication between Toyota and customers on the waiting list, it does look like that extra allocation for the UK could be on its way. Toyota Motor […]

HomePod is now on sale in Denmark

Last week, Apple put both HomePod models on sale in Denmark, shortly after being launched in Singapore in April. Both the new second-generation HomePod and HomePod mini are now available. The larger HomePod is 2.599,00 kr and HomePod mini is priced from 899,00 kr. The new larger HomePod was launched earlier this year in January, after the original model was dropped in 2021. The HomePod mini was debuted in October […]

Twitter will soon launch cheaper verification for small businesses

Twitter is planning on launching a new cheaper plan of its ‘Verification for Organizations’ program which for $1,000 / £1,140 per month businesses can get a square profile picture and golden checkmark. This does offer some other benefits, scubas elevated tweets, access to premium support from Twitter as well as the other benefits of Twitter Blue, such as longer tweet support and the ability to edit tweets. Organisations that are […]