Author: Alex Lowe

Weekends with the interface – Best stories of the week

Another week has gone by and its time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on the interface. This week, Apple added the Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien to its online store, Ford revealed an all new Mustang for 2023 and Land Rover unveiled an all new limited edition Defender, to celebrate 75 years of the company. Peugeot will launch new e-208 in 2023, with increased range A new updated […]

Tata Motors reveals the new Tiago.ev, a sub £10k electric car

This week, Tata Motors has announced an all new electric hatchback which when converted to GBP, comes in at £9,820 in the UK. The Indian car manufacturer is well known in the UK for owning Jaguar Land Rover, having purchased the company back in 2008. For the most part, the Indian car market has been far behind with regards to all electric cars, mainly due to how the Indian government […]

Honda is planning to launch more than ten new electric motorbikes by 2030

Honda has announced it is working on a range of all electric cars, with a plan to launch ten 10 models by 2030. Honda is aiming to sell 3.5 million all electric motorbikes by the end of the decade and one million within the next five years. These won’t be the first all electric bikes to be available, not by any stretch – there have been many companies trying their […]

Citroën to launch an all-new electric C3 next year

Citroën is planning on launching an all new C3 hatchback in 2023. The new car will be all electric and is set to be a complete reinvention of the model, with a more rugged look with some design influences taken from the Citroën Ami. The new C3 is likely gonigto use a battery that’s on the smaller side, likely with enough capacity to take it 250 miles on one charge. […]

New updated Peugeot e-208 now has more range and power

Peugeot has this week updated its all electric e-208 hatchback with more range and more power too. The updated model is due to go on sale in 2023 with no word yet on any revision to the pricing. The new powertrain comes from the recently launched Peugeot e-308. To start with, the range has gone up by nearly 25 miles, from 225 to 248 miles of range. The power output […]

Polestar will reveal the Polestar 3 SUV on 12th October

Polestar is planning on revealing its first full size SUV next month, the Polestar 3. The new SUV will be revealed at an event in Denmark on 12th October 2022 and once the event is finished, potential customers will be able to pre-order the all electric car. Pricing has already been revealed had of time, with it starting from £79,845 in the UK. Polestar is making this a premium rival […]

Google is shutting down Stadia next year

Google has announced that in early 2023, it will be shutting down Stadia – its cloud gaming service which was launched back in 2019. Google will be issuing refunds to all customers for any hardware purchases, all game purchases, and all the purchases of in game content purchased too. Google explained that the reasoning for shutting down the service was due to issues surrounding getting new users on board. “For […]

eero announces two new PoE enabled products, including WiFi 6 AP

eero has today announced some new networking products to its lineup that support power-over-ethernet (PoE) something that already commonplace in the world of enterprise networking, from companies such as Ubiquiti and Cambium Networks. eero, which is nowadays owned by Amazon has two new products today, with a new WiFi 6 access point and PoE Gateway. The new eero PoE Gateway is a powerful gateway router which connects your home to […]

Ubiquiti experiencing remote connectivity issues for UniFi Network and UniFi Protect

Ubiquiti is currently experiencing issues with its remote access service, The portal gives customers remote access to their remotely installed UniFi OS Consoles, which could be anything from a UNVR Pro storing footage from CCTV cameras or a UDM SE powering a school network somewhere. Ubiquiti posted an update to its status page saying that the issue will be affecting some customers and is affecting and UniFi Protect. […]