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Google Chromecast Promotion $20 in Google Play Store

This Monday Google has announced their new promotion for their Chromecast line. This means if you buy any of their $30 devices, whether that be the new ‘Google Chromebook Pixel‘ selling from around $799, or a Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player which can be priced a little over $30, you will get an exclusive $20 in credit to spend in the Google Play Store however you choose. You could even preorder the […]

Over 2,600 apps are now available for the new Apple TV

The new Apple TV has only been on sale for just over a month now and already, tvOS has over 2,600 native applications which can be downloaded, apps such as games, shopping apps, weather, panoramic views and ways to watch TV. Also surprisingly as this device is intended to be plugged into a TV to watch Netflix, Now TV and YouTube and in the US Hulu, HBO Now and ESPN […]

Google Pixel C tablet now on sale

Google seem to be making strides in making its own hardware recently, the Chromebook Pixel was the first device made by the company and the Pixel C continues in the line and is the first tablet to be developed by the company and its now on sale through the Google website. Google seem to be aiming the Pixel C at the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro as it is […]

VW sales down by 20% following fuel scandal

Following the news of the VW fuel scandal back in September, Volkswagen has seen a drop in sales in the UK for total sales, following the emissions scandal. Figures form SMMT reveal that the other companies in the VW group including Seat, Skoda and Audi have also seen a drop in sales. Chief executive of SMMT, Mike Hawes said:   Chief executive of SMMT, Mike Hawes said: “November’s figures come as […]

Black Friday. Just a gimmick?

Considering the news is often filled with people fighting over TV’s and wrestling over the latest games consoles, it is certain that Black Friday has become a national obsession. Huge companies like Amazon, Asda and Sainsbury’s take full advantage of the excitement to advertise huge savings on some of their best products: ‘15% off this’ ‘50% of that’. However, is there really any amazing buys to be had? There are plenty […]

BBC Three will go online only in February

This week, the BBC has confirmed the inevitable. BBC Three will be moving to the status of online only at the end of February next year, removing the channel entirely from the standard TV, the channel has been a proving ground in recent years for new and fresh comedies, Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education along with others made their debut on the channel. In terms of the current line of shows that air daily, […]

Tesla Model X price revealed, starts at $80,000

Not too long ago, Tesla unveiled the the Model X, the company’s first crossover – it’s basically a big, seven seater cross over with gull-wing style doors. When it was announced we had no clue on what the price would be, shortly after many people assumed that the price would be in the £100,000 range but as it turns out the Model X will start at $80,000/£53,112 and for that you […]

WSJ: Apple Pay may be available in China by February

Apple Pay has already been available in the US for around a year now and here in the UK we have had it since July of this year and it has great support from major banks and credit card companies and now, according to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is looking at bringing the service to China next by February next year. However the current market situation in China may lead […]

No new apps over Christmas, submissions won’t be accepted from Dec 22-29

Last week, Apple let app developers know that the App Store will have a shutdown period for a few days over the Christmas holidays, for consumers this means that there wont be any new apps over those days as Apple won’t be responding to any new updates or new app submissions over the seven days. Apple’s announcement to developers The busiest season on the App Store is almost here. Make […]

Samsung’s new ad suggests you should get a new TV, because Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and to be honest you don’t need a new TV do you? I certainly don’t but we’d certainly like one this weekend, but this time of the year no one really buys anything on sale that they actually need. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, Samsung has a new ad airing now on TV named “happy accidents” which […]