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Top Gear may come to Netflix

Top Gear has been off air for a while now due to a disagreement with Jeremy Clarkson a few months back and the BBC has abandoned the show all together, but the trio may be in talks with other channels on to launching a new show on Netflix or ITV. A possible deal with Netflix may be in the works and the show may be called “House of Cars” – which […]

Third party straps are coming for Apple Watch

The official Apple Watch straps are fairly pricey, apart from the Sport band, but there is a large selection from less expensive Sport band to the Link bracelet. More options for the Apple Watch would certainly be nice as well as some cheaper options, but Cupertino wouldn’t come out with bands which are that cheap so now the company from yesterday is allowing companies to make third-party bands for the Apple […]

May ‪Xbox‬ One update now out

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Today, the Xbox One is getting a feature from the Xbox 360. Voice messages are retuning to Xbox, the feature was originally on the Xbox 360, but for some reason was removed with the Xbox One. The new update is filtering out to users and also has the ability for you to turn the console on from SmartGlass – but only in the same […]

A lot of new ‪iPhone‬ users are Android switchers

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has released some new data which suggests that users switching from Android have helped fuel the recent growth for iPhone in Europe. Kantar has tracked the growth in Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain has had significant growth. iOS grew 1.8 percent from last year to 20.3% overall market share this year. What is interesting is that nearly a third of new iPhone users are switchers […]

‪CBS‬ Sports and USA NOW launch on Apple TV

This year the Apple TV has had quite a bit of attention, with the HBO NOW and price drop in the last few months. Now the latest services to launch on the set top box is USA NOW and CBS Sports. Both channels don’t offer and any live channel, just on-demand options for now, but this brings even more content to the device. If you live in the US, you shook […]

‪Volkswagen‬ now have a ‪Apple‬ Watch app

A few car manufacturers are jumping on the Apple Watch band wagon, BMW or instance already has an app for their electric range of cars to check the battery level and more. Now the next company is Volkswagen, its new Car-Net app is coming soon to the Apple Watch and it will feature handy statistics and information about the users car, such as the fuel or battery level. More features for […]

Windows 10 to launch this summer for PC

Even with the Build conference last week, we still don’t have an official release date for the new operating system. But Joe Belfiore, the vice president of operating systems at Microsoft has said that Windows 10 will be launching a bit later on phone and Xbox with PC being the main focus for the company. Windows 10 has been in “development” stage since September and Insiders have been testing it. […]

Tesla launches new battery for homes

The electric car company, Tesla has become a bi word for electric vehicles and now they are delving into the world of battery power for homes. We rely on electricity all the time so Tesla’s new Powerwall is looking to provide and elegant solution for when the power does go off in outages and heat waves. Powerwall uses the same long-lasting technology which is used in the Model S and […]

The new LG G4 debuts. In leather

Today, the follow up to the LG G3 launches. Yep, the LG G4. The new LG G4 takes the same form factor as the previous model but one this is different, the whole back is covered in leather, real leather. So the G4 has a large 5.5-inch QHD display with a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. The battery is a huge 3000Ah offering and the camera is […]

Facebook Messenger now has video chat

Facebook has been out of the news for a while now, but it’t making a return with the addition of video chat to it’s standalone Messenger app. For a while the app has only supported audio calling, but to keep up with the ever popular FaceTime, Skype and Hangouts – Facebook now supports video calling right in the app. This helps the company not only stay relevant to users, but […]