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Nest Protect smoke alarm data now included in user report

Every month, a Nest user receives information about their energy consumption and how much money they have saved with the Nest Thermostat. But now data from the Nest Protect smoke alarm is included within this report. Included in the new monthly “Home Report” from Nest is information from the smoke alarm(s) you have, as well as some fire safety tips and information. Included information is the battery level of the […]

Free WiFi to come to all trains by 2017

For those who travel on the train, trying to use the WiFi (if any) is a slow process, with login details and slow speeds, the struggle is real. The UK Government has realised this, even using 3G or 4G is just as bad with spotty signal patches. The Government is investing £50 million to launch a free WiFi served across all the major train networks. Rail Minister, Clair Perry announced […]

Training for Apple Store employees as begun for the Apple Watch

Last week, Apple began training the Retail Store employees in counties across the world. This includes the US and the UK with the details on the Apple Watch. This shows Apple’s first move on the Apple Watch, regarding retail stores – but the training isn’t going to release any new details but no long ago we said that Apple may be using jewellery shop sales and new store layout techniques. […]

Big Feature: Eero is looking to dramatically improve home WiFi

Let’s face it home wifi is a nightmare – even something as simple as walls can affect the speed and signal from the router. Several companies over the years have attempted to make the process of setting up and managing a network much easier and faster, admittedly Apple has seriously led the industry for a while now with their easy to use AirPort line, the Extreme was the first router […]

Sky has the next-gen Now TV box coming later this year

Sky is finally releasing its traditional big and clunky Sky boxes, which have been around for more than a decade are becoming a bit old fashioned. Now, Sky is pushing the Now TV franchise – this fragmented approach to the range of products seems to be working for Sky, it acts as a stand-alone service with a separate payment plan and it allows the user to be more flexible with […]

Gold Apple Watches may be kept in safes overnight in Apple Stores

The Apple Watch has been appearing in the news a lot recently, not only that we now know that it will be arriving in April, but now there is a report from Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac that the Apple Watch ‘Edition’ will be kept in safes overnight. Mark claims that he was told by sources that Apple Retail stores will have specially designed safes to hold the gold version of […]

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 users and later

Along with all the Windows news last week, Microsoft also, for the first time ever, made the operating system free. Microsoft is also classing Windows 10 as an internet service. In the first half an hour, Terry announced that Windows 10 will free for users on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 – while this is something that is very much like Apple’s OS X, having the Windows […]

Three is looking to buy O2 for £10.25 billion

A rumour about this appeared not long ago, but now the deals real. Hutchison Whampoa is looking to buy O2 from Telefonica. Hutchison Whampoa is a Hong-Kong based company which owns Three UK and it has revealed that its has had some “exclusive negations” with Telefonica to buy the UK mobile network, O2 for £10.25 billion. The actual deal isn’t complete, but the UK mobile network market is seeing a big […]

Windows 10 – all you need to know

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s next step in the life of the operating system. It focuses on gaming, the return of the start menu, Cortana on the desktop and more The low down Windows 10 was first debuted back in September of last year, but it focused on the business side and it was more of a preview than anything else. This week, Microsoft was focusing more on the consumer, sending […]

‪‎iOS‬ 8 is now installed on 68% of active iOS devices

Since the iOS 8 original launch back in September of last year, along side the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it has seen a slowish rate of adoption, but now the growth is picking up. As of January 5th 2015, the rate of adoption of iOS has hit 68%, which is a four percent increase from December 23rd. Apple has also seen strong performance over the holiday period, with […]