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Ubiquiti launches the new WiFiMan Wizard

In September 2022, Ubiquiti announced the all new WiFiMan Wizard, a portable spectrum analyser designed primarily for iOS. The device has been redesigned in some small ways since it was launched to the EA store. For example, it now features the new Ubiquiti logo and the case has been changed, with the keyring holder to one side, rather than in the middle. The WiFiMan Wizard is designed primarily for iOS, […]

The USPS is purchasing around 9k Ford electric vans

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is turning to other electric vans, apart from its own next generation delivery vehicle. The company announced its own home-grown delivery vehicle a few years ago and will be capable of using petrol or electric motors. However, the USPS is going to be pinning everything on that one vehicle, as this week it has announced it’ll be purchasing 9,250 Ford electric vans, specifically the Ford […]

Volkswagen introduces new ID.3 facelift, with many improvements over the last version

This week, Volkswagen has introduced a new ID.3 facelift, not even three years after the original was first debuted. However, while a new facelift was planned, Volkswagen never interned on launching it just yet, but due to public criticisms of the first generation, the company decided to bring the launch forward. The main issues with the first generation were the lack of physical buttons and a unilluminated volume and climate control […]

Jack Dorsey’s new social media network, Bluesky is now available, but invite only for now

Former Twitter founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey started work on a new social media network called Bluesy back in 2019. Initially the project was funded by Twitter, but was spun off to its own company in 2021 when Dorsey stepped down as CEO. However, since Dorsey left the company Twitter has become a much different place since Elon Musk purchased the company late last year. Musk has made the company […]

Volkswagen introduces new California ‘Surf’ camper van

This week, Volkswagen has introduced a new team level for the iconic California camper van. The new ‘Surf’ trim level will sit between the current Beach Tour and Ocean models and will cost from £68,234. The Beach Camper starts at £60,398, the Beach Camper from £61,241 and then at the top of the lineup, the California Ocean which is from £72,980. The Surf trim level is placed slap bang in […]

Twitter is reported to have laid off Esther Crawford

Esther Crawford joined Twitter back in 2020 as part of an acquisition of Squad and has since headed up new products at Twitter, with her most notable work being the recent launch of Twitter Blue. Shortly after Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk in 2022, a photo of Crawford asleep at the office went viral. This tweet (below), cemented Crawford as the face of Twitter Blue and during the messy […]

Ionity launches new HPC stations in France & Italy

On the continent, Ionity has launched new HPC (High-Power Charging) stations on important routes in France and Italy, opening up possibilities for more EVs to be used for longer journeys. One of the new locations in France is in Mornas, and is on one of the main routes that connects Lyon with Marseille and Nice, for example. The charging location in Mornas is now the largest charging park in Europe […]

Nissan is testing electric trucks in the port of LA

Nissan has recently announced that it is now testing two, large electric trucks in the port of Los Angeles. The company hasn’t got any of their own, but instead using trucks from Nikola and Kenworth to deliver new passenger cars to local dealerships within the area of LA. This initial trial will see the use of just two trucks and is more of a proof-of-concept. If successful, the company will […]

Bentley will retire the W12 engine next year

Bentley introduced its iconic W12 engine back in 2003, with the first Continental GT and it was used in subsequent versions of the car in the years afterwards. Shortly afterwards, Volkswagen used the same W12 engine in the Phaeton. Bentley has said that order books for all W12 powered cars will close this December, but just before that happens – a brand new car, the Bentley Batur will arrive and use […]

Creator Spotlight S2 E3 – Laura Young

In the third episode of Creator Spotlight Series 2, I was joined by Laura Young who is best known for her work as a climate activist. Laura’s latest campaign is the banning of disposable vapes, of which the latest can be found on her Twitter profile. We spoke about electric cars, disposable vapes, advice for reducing your waste and much more! Creator Spotlight is our series where we talk to […]