Renewable Energy

Gridserve opens its second ‘Electric Forecourt’ in Norwich

Gridserve, the company who runs the Electric Highway charging network in the UK has opened its second ever fully Electric Forecourt in Norwich. The company opened its first Electric Forecourt in Braintree, Essex in December 2020 and since then it has gained a large media attention and glowing online reviews. Today, Gridserve has now opened a new ‘Compact Electric Forecourt’ in Norwich. The facility has 36 rapid chargers, including eight Tesla […]

Tesla is now offering Solar Roof installations to the whole of the US

Tesla is now offering installations of its solar roof to the whole of the US, as the company is moving to offer more installations of its solar product. Up until now, Tesla has only offered Solar Roof to those homes that were quite close to Tesla Energy warehouses, as well as having to be in approved areas. Due to these restrictions, Tesla hasn’t really been able to roll it out […]

Tesla introduces new Megapack, a $1 million 3 MWh battery system

Tesla, today has announced a new product in its energy storage line moving on from the Powerwall and the Powerpack, with the Megapack. It’s designed for large scale energy storage, think power stations and solar farms. Tesla actually revealed the Megapack in July 2019, and at that time, some things were known about it apart from the battery size, but the price was unknown. The 3 MWh pack will cost […]

Tesla is now bundling solar panels and the Powerwall

Tesla is now bundling together its solar panel products and the Powerwall battery storage device, meaning you can only purchase both of them together. Starting next week, the Tesla website will let potential customers know that the only way to get the Tesla Solar Panels and Solar Roof is to purchase them with the Powerwall battery. Elon has said Tesla will be able to unlock more capabilities down the line. […]

Tesla now has over 600 sites in UK and EU for Supercharging

In the last few days, Tesla has crossed the mark for the amount of Supercharging locations it has in Europe for Tesla customers to charge up their cars. The company now has over 600 locations in the UK and the rest of Europe, equating to 6039 individual chargers. Tesla has achieved this in just eight years, which is impressive – with the first Supercharger in Europe in Norway back in […]

First all electric car charging forecourt in the UK opened today

The UK’s first all-electric car charging forecourt has opened today in Essex with capacity for up to 36 cars at a time – all powered by solar. The forecourt is just outside Braintree, Essex and comes from Gridserve, a company which specialises in solutions for electric vehicles and alternative energy. The project has been on the go since March and officially opened this morning. In terms of the energy source, […]

Portsmouth City Council installs solar panels and uses Tesla Powerwalls at Hilsea Industrial Estate

Last month, Portsmouth City Council announced that it had installed a large 250 kilo-watt (kW) solar panel system, coupled with Tesla Powerwalls to store the energy harvested by the sun. They have installed ten units, providing 135 kWh of electricity – which is enough power to keep a typical home for about two weeks. “It’s fantastic to see Portsmouth City Council leading the way when it comes to innovative projects […]