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Apple announces new third generation AirPods

Apple today has announced the much anticipated, third generation AirPods, which feature an all new design, which is similar to the AirPods Pro. Where they differ is the more concave design as well as not including the silicone ear-tips, which are needed on the Pro versions for the Active Noise Cancelation, which isn’t a feature on this new version. They do however, support Spatial Audio and Adaptive EQ, both borrowed […]

Find My Network support coming later this year for AirPods

When Apple announced iOS 15 in June this year at WWDC, it said that support for the Find My network was coming to AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. This would have allowed you to easily find your lost AirPods in case you lost or misplaced them. Even though AirPods do show in the Find My app at the moment, this is only to show you the last place you had […]

iOS 15 will let you know if you left your AirPods or AirTag behind

Apple announced iOS 15 and its other software plans for this year at WWDC earlier this week and notable feature is that AirPods are getting supported in the Find My network. Currently, AirPods and Beats headphones do show up in the Find My app, but their location only updates when they have been connected to another device, if you lose them it is essentially game over. However, in iOS 15 […]

Apple launches repair program for AirPods Pro for crackling sound and ANC issues

Apple has said a small percentage of AirPods Pro units may have some issue related to crackling sounds and some issues related to Active Noise Cancellation. Apple does occasionally feel the need to launch a repair program if the problem is significant enough and it seems with some models produced this year, that is the case. Apple has specified that, “a small percentage of AirPods Pro may experience sound issues.” – Any that […]

Apple will be offering free AirPods in India with an iPhone 11 purchase

Apple has only just recently starting selling in India directly on its own online store last month and according to MacRumors Apple will be offering a free pair of AirPods with the purchase of an iPhone 11 in India. The offer has not yet been fully outlined by Apple but will be starting from 17th October and while not mentioned it is bound to include the iPhone 11 Pro too. This deal […]

Apple has made some improvements to AirPods and audio with its new software releases

Across all of its platforms, Apple has made improvements to the way AirPods work, and added new feature for AirPods Pro. In iOS 14, Apple will now let you know with a notification when your AirPods are getting low on battery. Also, at the moment when you want to move between devices, you have to initiate the switching over and now with macOS 11.0, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, AirPods […]

AirPods Pro models are starting to be assembled in Vietnam

Today, in a report from MacRumors they published today, Apple has started to assemble the AirPods Pro in Vietnam and it seems this is a shift from China to Vietnam and it is unclear if AirPods Pro are still being assembled in China. Apple has been looking to use other suppliers for about a year now, to not have to rely on just China for production. Tweet from @alixrezax Apple is […]

AirPods Pro tips replacements are free if you have AppleCare+

For a while now, AppleCare+ has been available on AirPods and Beats headphones and it works the same way as your other devices. You pay a fee for a one or two year coverage plan and any faults and damages are covered for a reduced fee and sometimes for no charge. Today, MacRumors had some readers say that with the AirPods Pro and AppleCare+ the replacement tips can be had free of […]

You can now get your AirPods case engraved with Emoji from Apple

Yesterday a new option for getting AirPods engraved from the official Apple Store, you can now add Emoji and there are a few to choose from, such as the Alien, Unicorn, Poop Emoji and a few others – basically a few smiley faces and the ones that you can use with Memoji on iOS. All models of the AirPods can be engraved, but the emoji option is new this week. […]

Deal: AirPods have nearly £20 off today on amazon.co.uk

Just as the new AirPods Pro have been launched today, the regular AirPods (2nd generation) with the normal charging case has come down in price from £159 to £140.99 on amazon.co.uk The second generation AirPods feature the H1 wireless chip, as the AirPods Pro do, Hey Siri support and 24 hours listening time.