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New report shows why you shouldn’t use AirTags for tracking dogs

A new report from The Wall Street Journal has outlined the dangers of using an AirTag for tracking dogs and other pets. Apple has never recommended that people should use AirTags for tracking pets or people, but this new report does show what the dangers are if and when people do. AirTag devices are able to be attached to dog collars and are in theory, a good way for people […]

iOS 15 will let you know if you left your AirPods or AirTag behind

Apple announced iOS 15 and its other software plans for this year at WWDC earlier this week and notable feature is that AirPods are getting supported in the Find My network. Currently, AirPods and Beats headphones do show up in the Find My app, but their location only updates when they have been connected to another device, if you lose them it is essentially game over. However, in iOS 15 […]

AirTag competitor, Chipolo ONE Spot now available to pre-order

Since Apple opened up the Find My network for third party devices, before the launch of the AirTag – there has been three companies with compatible devices that work with the large existing Find My network. One of the products is the Chipolo ONE Spot which was announced before the AirTag and works in a very similar way, it just lacks Ultra Wideband support. For 90% of the intended purpose […]

Apple had AirTag ready two years ago, at least

Apple launched AirTag last week and today was the day the product was made available to those who pre-ordered last week. However AirTag has been rumoured for two years at this stage wit multiple leaks claiming that Apple was working on a Tile like device for tracking keys and more. It turns out, Apple was working on this for at least two years, as customers received AirTag today and the […]

Apple AirTags and purple iPhone 12 now available to pre-order

Following Apple’s announcements earlier this week with the new AirTags, new iMac, new iPad Pro and a new colour option for the iPhone 12 – Apple has now put the purple iPhone 12 and AirTags up for pre-order starting today with both to be generally available next week on 30th April. AirTags are the new small circle device trackers which are £29 / $29 each or for a pack of […]