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Ford is adding support for Alexa to its new cars

Last week, Ford announced that it is planning on adding over the air software updates to its cars that support it, on the Mustang Mach E and new Bronco and as part of that, Alexa support will be added too. Obviously, people know Alexa from Amazon’s line of smart speakers and the Fire TV but in a car, it’ll be used to help the driver get information on traffic levels, […]

Alexa voice control is coming soon to Rivian and Lamborghini vehicles

Most cars from Mercedes, Volkswagen and others have their own system built in for grabbing the attention of a voice assistant to do certain things in the car, in Mercedes cars for example you have ‘Hey Mercedes” and in the latest Mk8 VW Golf you now have “Hey Volkswagen” which lets you use your voice to turn the heating up and all sorts of various commands. But what Rivian and […]

HPs new all-in-one PCs have Alexa built in

This week, HP have announced a new Envy all-in-one PC which includes Amazon’s AI assistant, Alexa built right in. The new PC has a curved 34-inch display and this is actually the very first all-in-one machine with Alex built in. What does this PC come with? By the sounds of it, this new PC will actually have two virtual assistants built in, Alexa of course and then Cortana too which […]

BBC launches Alexa skill for live radio

This week the BBC has launched their second Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo, the current one they offer simply gives news snippets and flash news. The new skill offers support for all BBC Radio stations and BBC Podcasts. Radio and podcasts The new skill for Alexa can play any BBC radio station, over the internet which would make the rise of internet radio much easier to access as you […]

Amazon unveils two new Echo speakers

The Amazon Echo is still only available in the US, but the device certainly does a lot. Released last year it was an interesting development for the company as it is a bluetooth speaker as well as a voice controlled smart assistant but the main point of a bluetooth speaker is that it should be able to be taken places such as in the garden and the beach but the […]