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Silicon Valley €2.4 Billion row between European Anti-Trust Officials and Google

Google have been fined a whopping $2.7 billion dollars, setting a new world record for the largest penalty against any Tech company to date. The multinational technology company have been charged by European Anti-Trust officials for favouring their own services against their competitors. The cooperate giant finds itself having to defend itself after been accused of “unfairly dominating the market place” with its advertising products. It is nothing new for a […]

Alphabet is the new parent company for Google

The original founders of Google have reformed most of the company and also launching a new holding company called “Alphabet.” This week Larry Page, the former CEO of Google announced on the abc.xyz website that he will become the CEO of the new company Alphabet and Sergey Brin will be the President. Google is going to be run by Sundar Pichai who is the former Senior Vice President of Android. […]