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Deal: Get 30% off the Amazon Echo Dot today on amazon.co.uk

Amazon Alexa is very popular, it is one of the most prevalent smart home assistants and Amazon does a good job of providing lots of different price points to get an Echo device, the cheapest way is the Echo Dot which is usually on sale for £49.99 but today on amazon.co.uk there is 30% off, bringing the price down to £34.99. You can ask Alexa to play music, ask questions […]

Apple Podcasts now works on Amazon Echo speakers

Apple is really starting to branch out its services to other platforms, other than its own. Apple Music is already on the Echo speakers and has been for over a year, Apple Music has been on Sonos for a while now and the Apple TV was added to a bunch of smart TVs earlier this year in preparation for the launch of Apple TV+. And now, Apple Podcasts is now […]

You can now use Alexa in Spanish, in the US

Late last week, Amazon updated the Amazon Echo to now support Spanish for Alexa in the US market, users can change their preferred language option within the Alexa app. Echo devices now also support developer tools for the new Spanish voice. As it happens the US has the world’s second largest population of Spanish speakers, second to Mexico. Amazon is now catching up with the Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri […]

Amazon Echo is now being sold in India

This week, Amazon has finally made its range of Echo speakers available in India for the first time. Customers will now be able to buy the Echo (now the smaller model), the Echo Plus and the Echo Dot. The Echo Tap is not available for some reason. Amazon has also updated the language support and has added English, tailored for the Indian market. As of writing Hindi is not supported. […]

Amazon Echo to go on sale in Australia and New Zealand next month

Starting in February, Amazon will start offering the Amazon Echo product line as well as Amazon Music Unlimited to its customers who live in Australia and New Zealand. This original news first came out around the end of 2017, that Amazon would be planning to expand the Echo and its music streaming service to 28 more countries. Just today, Amazon revealed that starting on February 1st – customers in Australia […]

Amazon Echo can now stream Spotify to multiple rooms

Starting today, users who use Spotify and the Amazon can now stream music to multiple rooms, thanks to Amazon adding in support for multiform audio a few months back. Since its introduction multi-room audio has only worked with Amazon’s own music service, Amazon Music Unlimited. So as of today, multi-room audio on the Amazon Echo works with Spotify and SiriusXM. Spotify on multiple speakers will only work in the US, […]

The Amazon Echo Show is coming to the UK and Germany, later this year

Soon, but with no actual date set for release – Amazon will be bringing the Echo Show smart home device to the UK as well as Germany. Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for the Echo Show, starting today and they promise to ship devices sometime later this year. Pricing is £199.99 in the UK and €219.99 in Germany. Echo, Echo What is the Echo Show? Well, the device was originally […]

Amazon Echo speaker now out in the UK and Germany

Amazon’s smart speaker – the Amazon Exco has been on sale in the US for around two years now and just today at and event Amazon hosted today, Amazon revealed that the Echo and Echo Dot will be on sale in the UK and Germany now, with pre-orders starting today and shipping for 28th September. The Echo is powered by the Alexa assistant which also features in the Amazon TV. […]

Amazon unveils two new Echo speakers

The Amazon Echo is still only available in the US, but the device certainly does a lot. Released last year it was an interesting development for the company as it is a bluetooth speaker as well as a voice controlled smart assistant but the main point of a bluetooth speaker is that it should be able to be taken places such as in the garden and the beach but the […]

Amazon Echo now tells you movie times and NFL scores

While the Amazon Echo isn’t even available in the UK yet (come on Amazon!) the device does keep receiving updates to make tit much more useful for users, with the latest software update the Amazon Echo can now tell what time certain movies are showing around you and what cinemas its in, the command needed is: “Alexa, what comedy films are on near me?” or “Alexa, when is Spectre showing? As well […]