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Deal: Amazon Fire Stick with Voice Remote now £39.99

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick has all you need for living room entertainment, with access to BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as well as countless Android games to play. Just for today Amazon are cutting 11% off the price of the TV Stick from £44.99 to £39.99. There are two different options available, one with a standard remote for £34.99 and one with the Voice Remote for £44.99, […]

Clarkson’s new Amazon car show will be out this year

Despite the fracas last year with Clarkson and one of the producers, the motoring trio are are gearing up for their new car  show with Amazon Prime Video, which was announced back in July last year. So far the name for the show is yet to be revealed but it’s expected to be launching at the end of this year, roughly a year after filming started back in October. Top […]

Amazon Echo now tells you movie times and NFL scores

While the Amazon Echo isn’t even available in the UK yet (come on Amazon!) the device does keep receiving updates to make tit much more useful for users, with the latest software update the Amazon Echo can now tell what time certain movies are showing around you and what cinemas its in, the command needed is: “Alexa, what comedy films are on near me?” or “Alexa, when is Spectre showing? As well […]

Amazon Prime subscribers can now share photo storage

Subscriptions are now getting more family orientated day by day, when Apple Music launched everyone was talking about the great deal it was for families up to six, at £9.99 for one person and then £14.99 for six people that makes that service more compelling for families than anything else. Amazon is making a similar move with Prime. As part of that subscription, families who use the household sharing feature will […]

Tech Deals: Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 now £30 off

A&T Tech: Deals Earlier today, Amazon have reduced the price of the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10, shortly after the release of the iPad Pro. Amazon has cut £30 off the price from both tablets bring the smaller of the two down to just £99.99 for a 8GB version and for a larger 16GB version – it’s just £119.99. The Fire HD 10 is now £139.99 for a […]

Amazon Echo speaker now works for the whole family

The Amazon Echo had a strange birth and introduction, it was only available in invite form for a few months and only recently it has gone on sale to the public, albeit only in the US. The device is actually pretty useful, it can play music on request, audiobooks, read the news, take orders and look up stuff but it only works for one Amazon user. Now, Amazon has added […]

Amazon is offering £10 off any £50 order today

Amazon for one day only is offering £10 off any order that is over £50. So if Prime Day wasn’t up to scratch for you, this should be good. The offer is only available in the UK and it is only on for one day. This deal is to celebrate being named the top retailer in the UK, a survey was performed with 20,000 by Havas to determine the best […]

Amazon “Prime Day” will feature membership and item discounts

Amazon is actually 20 years old today, to celebrate the retail giant is offering £20 off the cost of Prime for the first 12 months as well as masses of discounts; according to Amazon “more than Black Friday.” “Prime Day,” as July 15th is called will give Amazon a chance to sell more things to members of Prime and the actual cost of the membership will down from £79 to […]

Amazon launches same day collection in the UK

Amazon has just launched two of their first physical stores in the United States with one in New York last week and just yesterday with one in San Francisco, well the online retail company is coming to these shores and are focusing on same-day deliveries in the UK. Amazon have partnered with newspaper disturber Connect Group to launch a new service called ‘Pass My Parcel’ which will deliver packages ordered on […]

Amazon is planning on launching its own smartphone, and may feature a ‘glasses-free 3D display’

According to TechRadar, the online retail company may release their very own smartphone in June and then release it to the masses in September. “People briefed on the company’s plans” have chittered to the Wall Street Journal hat the Amazon smartphone is headed toward release later this year. Additionally the smartphone will be able to show 3D images, without the required need for glasses. The smartphone will reportedly launch in September, just […]