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The next Android Wear update will bring battery life improvements

If you are using an Android Wear based watch at the moment, you may have noticed that the battery life may be a bit poor, well Google has acknowledged this and in the latest release of Android Wear, version 1.3 it added interactive notifications along with a couple of other additions. But if you’re having battery issues a fix in the form of version 1.4 is coming soon. This news originally […]

Android Wear on iOS doesn’t work with HealthKit

Yesterday we reported that Android Wear is now compatible with iPhone, which is great news as the devices that they sell are very good with a wide array of models to choose from. However, as Apple actually make the Apple Watch themselves they can allow it to have certain features that otherwise wouldn’t be available to third-party manufacturers such as answering phone calls, responding to iMessages. Something we have learned today […]

Android Wear is now compatible with iPhone

Ok, we have known about this with a few rumours over the past year but now Google has officially announced that Android Wear is now fully compatible with iPhone, now this isn’t as good as using the Apple Watch but it allows you to track fitness and look at notifications. But this is a very important for the entire smartwatch market as this makes them more popular as still, not […]