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Google announces Android Pay is now available in the UK

Google have announced that Android Pay is now officially available in the UK.  This allows users of Android smartphones to make contactless payments much in a similar way to iPhone users. The UK is the first country besides the US that can currently use this method of contactless payment via a smartphone.  Jimmy McLoughlin, The Institute of Directors lead on the Digital Economy has stated that: ” The arrival of […]

Shazam background listening is now on Android

Shazam has long had a very useful feature on the iPhone version of it’s app for a long while now and for some reason it never offered the feature to Android users of Shazam. For two and half years now the iPhone version of Shazam has always had a auto listening feature which makes finding out what that song is just a little easier and now after many requests Shazam […]

Google is now offering more money for finding Android bugs

Google has been offering security rewards for finding security bugs  in Android for around a year now and since then the company has paid out more than $550,000 to users for finding major security issues in the Android operating system, until now the average amount of money that Google paid out was $2,200 per reward and then $6,700 per researcher. Now Google is offering people who send in reports more money […]

BlackBerry BBM now has free video calls for Android and iOS

BlackBerry is still slipping by the wayside with every passing day, but in an effort to stay relevant the company is still developing the once popular BBM messaging platform further to compete with the ever crowded instant messaging and video calling space with Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime all now offering free video calling you’d of thought the last thing we need is another video calling app but here […]

Android TV remote app now out on iOS

Google has certainly dabbled with the TV experience in the last few years, first it was Google TV – which was a huge flop and that was quickly abandoned, then in 2012 Google brought out the Nexus Q which only lasted a matter of weeks after it was introduced at the Google Developers conference that year, one because it cost $299 and it didn’t do that much. Following that in 2013, […]

Netflix on Android can now be charged to Google Play

Similar to how the payments system works on iOS, Google also allows third-party developers to utilise users payment details from their Google Play account to make purchases for subscriptions and various things within the app. Now Netflix is one of the latest apps to use Google Play Billing, Netflix has said that this will be slowly rolling out over the next few weeks. This feature on iOS and Android just makes […]

Android Auto is now available in 18 more countries

As CarPlay is expanding week by week, Google is also focusing on making Android Auto available in more countries and in more cars. Just this week, Google has expanded the in-car-infotainment to 18 more countries. Android Auto is now available these countries and more Austria Brazil Colombia Switzerland India Russia Puerto Rico https://plus.google.com/+android/posts/eYxmW4uRFjX

The next Android Wear update will bring battery life improvements

If you are using an Android Wear based watch at the moment, you may have noticed that the battery life may be a bit poor, well Google has acknowledged this and in the latest release of Android Wear, version 1.3 it added interactive notifications along with a couple of other additions. But if you’re having battery issues a fix in the form of version 1.4 is coming soon. This news originally […]

Apple Music is now available on Android devices

After many months of iPhone, Mac and Windows users having access to Apple Music, the companies music service is now available to Android users. This is the third app fro Android this year to come out of Cupertino, marking a positive change for Apple. Apple Music is now available in beta for Android phones running 4.3 or later, the the service also includes the three month free trial although Beats 1 […]

Facebook asks that all employees use Android phones

Working for Facebook must be neat and all but depending on your phone preference it may have a slight downside. Facebook is now requesting that all employees use Android phones as opposed to iPhones in the work place, this move isn’t aiming to advertise Android phones and state that iPhones are bad but instead to help improve the software on the platform as the vast majority of emerging markets are […]