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New Apple device purchases will now get three months free of Apple Arcade

Last year when Apple launched the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, it bundled a free years worth of Apple TV+ with every purchase of and iPhone and anything else, including an Apple TV, iPad, iPod touch or Mac and now that Apple TV+ has been been out for nearly a year Apple is now going to be offering three months worth of Apple Arcade with every new device purchase. […]

Apple Arcade exclusive, ‘Assemble with Care’ is coming to PC next year

One of the standout games on Apple Arcade at the moment, is Assemble with Care which is a very nicely designed assembly puzzle game which walks you though taking items, such as cassette players, watches and old phones. Each one of them doesn’t work for any given reason and its your task to take it apart, work out why it isn’t working and then put it back together. Well, a […]

Apple Arcade can now be purchased annually

When Apple Arcade launched earlier this year, it launched for a monthly price of £4.99 / $4.99 and you could only pay per month, which for some people isn’t ideal, they would rather pay per year as you get some savings tacked on. Apple Music long provided a yearly fee and now, Apple has launched a yearly fee for Apple Arcade. The savings aren’t huge, but when you work it […]