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Porsche Taycan now supports Apple Maps EV Routing

Last week, Porsche announced support for Apple Maps EV routing inside of CarPlay on the Taycan, something that has only be available on the Ford Mustang Mach-E up until now. This makes the Taycan the second car to support this feature and neatly integrates the ability to locate nearby electric vehicle charging points on route when you use CarPlay. CarPlay knows how much charge you have and will have and […]

Apple adding cycling directions to Portland and San Diego

With iOS 14 last September, Apple added cycling directions to Apple Maps for the first time, as well as city guided tours, EV route optimisation and much more. With cycling directions it was only launched in a few select cities such as London and New York but this week Apple has now expanded the service to a couple more cities in the west coast of America, with San Diego in […]

Apple Maps Look Around expanding to Israel, New Zealand, and Singapore

For the last few years, Apple has been driving around parts of the world to one, improve the data it has and two, in larger cities add ‘Look Around’ data, akin to what Google offers on nearly every road in the world with Street View. In a report from MacRumors recently, Apple’s cars with the LiDAR cameras on the roof have been seen in Israel, New Zealand, and Singapore. Look […]

Apple Maps public transport and indoor maps now available in more areas

Apple is always working on improving what they do all the time and one of the main ones, is Apple Maps. This week, more features for Apple Maps have rolled out to more places. Transit Directions Apple’s relatively new public transport directions is now available in the following United States states Alaska Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Indiana Illinois Kentucky Mississippi Missouri New Jersey North Dakota New York Oklahoma Rhode Island […]

Apple Maps transit directions is now available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

Public transit directions arguably came a bit late to Apple Maps, considering Google has had the feature for a long time but Apple has executed it very well and it is extremely useful for getting tube, bus or train directions if you happen to be lost in a city somewhere. MacRumors reported today that as of today Apple has expanded the feature to select large cites in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and […]

Apple Maps is now listing electric car chargers in the UK

Apple Maps is still a bit of ways behind Google Maps in terms of the amount of information it holds about businesses and also cycling information, but Apple is always improving the accuracy of it’s mapping software and also what points of interest it can show. Electric Cars As a lot of the automotive industry is turning towards electric vehicles, with Tesla leading the charge (pun not intended) – Apple […]

Apple Maps now uses Yellow Pages for business data in Canada

In the most of North America and Europe, Yelp and Trip Advisor are the most favoured for business listings on Apple’s mapping software, Apple Maps. In Canada, Apple and Yellow Pages have partnered for listings in Canada, this information includes reviews, opening hours, photos, payment types and addresses. Yellow Pages has details for over 1.8 million businesses in Canada and the data is now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac […]