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James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ gets signed to Apple Music

James Corden has been doing the Late Late Show for a while now and one popular segment of the show is the ‘Carpool Karaoke’ and now Apple has signed up the show for an upcoming series along with CBS Television Studios. Apple’s exclusive deal will have 16 episodes with the same episode outline as is currently. Eddy Cue – Senior Vice President of internet, software and services at Apple: “We love […]

Apple is offering students a discount on Apple Music

Apple is now offering a heavy discount on Apple Music subsections, eligible students who apply can get 50% off the monthly cost of the music service. This was confirmed a few days ago by the company, which is now offering the discount in seven countries around the world. These plans still come with all the same functionality as the regular plans and access to all the music, Beats 1 and […]

You can now use Apple Music on Sonos

Apple hasn’t been too keen on working with Sonos in the past, or so it seems but earlier in the year we leaned that Apple Music will be coming to the Sonos music system, up until now the feature has been in beta but now all Sonos users who use Apple Music can now add the service to the app by logging into your account, under the ‘Add Music Service’ section. […]

iTunes Radio is no longer free, requires a subscription to Apple Music

Earlier this month, Apple revealed that the ad-supported stations on iTunes Radio wont be supported from the end of the month leaving Beats 1 to be the only free element of Apple Music. Well true to its word this week Apple has ended the free, ad-supported iTunes Radio. Users using Apple Music without an active subscription will now be prompted with a message stating – “Get on Our Wavelength” and […]

Beatles collection now on streaming services

The Beatles have always had an awkward relationship with the digital age, back in 2010 it took Steve Jobs ages to negotiate to get any of their music to be sold on iTunes and that was the only place it could be purchased digitally. Now (most) of The Beatles collection is arable to be streamed oni all the major services including Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and Microsoft Groove, starting yesterday […]

Apple Music is now available on Android devices

After many months of iPhone, Mac and Windows users having access to Apple Music, the companies music service is now available to Android users. This is the third app fro Android this year to come out of Cupertino, marking a positive change for Apple. Apple Music is now available in beta for Android phones running 4.3 or later, the the service also includes the three month free trial although Beats 1 […]

Apple Music and iTunes will scan 100,000 songs by the end of the year

Apple’s music streaming service will be able to scan and match up to 100,000 songs, up from the previous 25,000 with iTunes Match. Back in July following the release of Apple Music, Eddy Cue confirmed that they are working on getting the match limit increased by the release of iOS 9. Now that iOS 9 has been out for a few weeks, MacRumors tweeted to Eddy Cue to get the details […]

Apple Music will start charging you on Wednesday

For users who signed up on the very first day that Apple Music is available, June 30 it’s nearly three months in as we are nearing the end of the three month free trial, if your interested in using the service then you don’t need to do anything but if you’re not happy with it, cancelling it is a bit of a hassle. Apple Music starts at £9.99/$9.99 per month […]

iTunes Festival is coming back, but renamed as Apple Music Festival

The famous iTunes Festival is back this year, but not as you know it. For starters it has a rebrand and is named Apple Music Festival which is helping promote the new streaming service and it has a new format. The show will still be held at the Roundhouse in London and the tickets will still be free. Apple is also reducing the total length of the show down to ten nights […]

Apple launches three Apple Music ads

  Apple is now heavily pushing Apple Music, -the company’s new streaming service has been available on iOS, Windows and OS X since the end of June now and this latest advertising campaign is the latest in series of ads that Apple has been issuing about Apple Music. I personally have seen a few on YouTube and various other websites promoting it, Apple has even had banners and large posters […]