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Apple Pay is coming to more banks in Europe

Apple Pay has been around for quite a while now, after launching in the US with the iPhone 6 back in 2014, and then expanding out a year later to the UK and other countries, you’d have thought that every single credit card company and bank would have already jumped on board, but no. This week, a few banks and credit card companies in Europe have now announced support for […]

Octopus travel card now works with Apple Pay in Hong Kong

This week, Octopus in Hong Kong has now started to support Apple Pay as a method of, well using the service. Octopus, like Suica in Japan has been deeply integrated into iOS and Apple Pay. Octopus is the most popular transit card in Hong Kong, it works like the Oyster card here in the UK but shares most of its similarities with Suica in Japan. Customers in Hong Kong, starting […]

Westpac Bank in Australia will be supporting Apple Pay in 2020

Westpac, which is one of the largest banks in Australia has announced that they will be supporting Apple Pay for customers using debit and credit cards in June 2020, but from today customers of St. George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne can use Apple Pay. “We’re excited to introduce Apple Pay for St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA, as part of our commitment to changing our business to better meet […]

Apple Pay now works at Penn Station in New York

Apple Pay is rolling out to more and more card providers, countries and other sorts of places all the time and one of the latest places to get Apple Pay support is Penn Station in New York, which is one of the largest stations in the US. New York City public transport agency MTA has announced that Apple Pay has now been officially supported as of Wednesday this week. Today […]

Apple Pay Express Travel Card now works on London’s TfL

Last year, A&T Tech reported on a new feature of the iPhone XS that Japan based blog Ata Distance had found where the NFC chip in the phone would stay active for up to five hours, even if the iPhone had run out of battery. This new feature was called Apple Pay Express Travel Card and starting this week, it can now be used on London’s TfL public transport network. […]

Apple Pay is now the most popular mobile payment method in the US

In the United States, the payment infrastructure is quite different from how it is here in the UK and Europe, since the introduction of Apple Pay back in 2014, a lot of terminals have had to be overhauled, upgraded or replaced in order to accommodate the new NFC type payments. Here in the UK, a lot of shops and restaurants terminals have been able to accept NFC based payments for […]

Apple Pay launches today in Austria

Apple is still on a roll, with rolling out support for Apple Pay in new countries. With 250 million estimated users as of last year, the demand is there for new banks, card companies and countries. Now today, Apple has rolled out support for Apple Pay in Austria with initial support from Erste Bank und Sparkasse – which is the largest bank in the country as well as N26, which […]

Apple Pay has had increased growth, now with an estimated 250 million users

According to a recent report this week from Loup Ventures, Apple Pay transactions are up and are continuously rising. Now, an estimated 31 percent of all iPhone users have used Apple Pay complete a transaction within the last year, when compared to the same time last year it was only 25 percent. In Apple’s recent earnings call, no details were mentioned on how many users or anything related to the […]

Monzo, now (finally) supports Apple Pay for its debit card

Today, Monzo have finally added support for Apple Pay, so you can now add your card onto your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad to pay for items in stores or online. For Monzo, the decision to support Apple’s payment system can’t come at a better time as the tech support team have been inundated with the requests, as apparently they been asked about such feature around 13,000 times already. Also, […]

Apple Pay launches today in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and UAE

Today, Apple has expanded where Apple Pay is available and it has added support for Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates. The addition of these countries were promised during the third quarter earnings. What Credit Cards are supported? In Denmark, the following banks and credit unions are supporting Apple Pay: Jyske Bank (Visa debit cards only) Nordea In Finland – credit cards and debit cards from the following […]