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Starbucks will add Apple Pay support by early next year

In the US a least, Apple Pay has been out for nearly a year when the service was made available shortly after the launch of the iPhone 6 back in 2014. Also, it has had tremendous support for retailers including; Lego, Apple Store, Macy’s, Subway, Staples and Texaco and so many more. For a full list visit the Apple website. In the UK, we had the service shortly after WWDC at the […]

Contactless cards can now be used to spend up to £30

As of this week, contactless cards in the UK can now used to pay for items of up to £30 and this is important as this medium of paying is becoming increasingly popular in this country with £2.5bn spent using contactless in total this year and in 2014 it was £2.32bn, so it has gown very quickly. Also it works with a wide array of devices such as credit and […]

Apple Pay is now supported by 18 new US banks

Apple Pay, in the US at least is expanding very fast as the list of banks and credit unions which are accepting the payment service grows. This week eighteen new banks and credit unions including Bank of Idaho and Bank First have joined Apple Pay to offer compatibility with debit and credit cards. Apple Pay is currently available in the US where it launched nearly a year ago back in October […]

Pei Wei now accepting Apple Pay, in the US

Pei Wei is now accepting Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile payment system is now live in their restaurant locations across the US. Last week Pei Wei announced that it is now accepting the payment system from the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. The restaurant launched support for Apple Pay back in July to test it in sixteen restaurants in Phoenix, the restaurant chain is now confident that it will be successful […]

Apple Pay goes live in the UK, here is where to use it

Ok, here we are – a month after WWDC 2015 and finally Apple Pay is now live in the United Kingdom. Originally launched back in September 2014 for the US only it effectively makes debit and credit cards usable on the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch by using NFC or “contactless” technology which is also present in contactless cards. Original Launch However in the United States where swipe and sign methods […]

Apple Pay coming to the UK, TfL and more to accept

Apple Pay is coming to the UK in July and a selection of retailers will be accepting the payment method including Marks and Spencer and McDonalds. Apple Pay has been in North America since October on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the Apple Watch. In the US, stores such as Walgreens etc. The payment service will be launched sometime in July this year as Apple didn’t […]