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The new Apple TV is now on sale

Yes, the brand new Apple TV is now on sale – complete with all the new goodies such as the fast A8 chip for all the games you’ll be playing as well as the Siri remote. This new model with revealed along side the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro but we only knew that it would be released “Later this fall.” As we come to the end of October now, […]

iFixit have been banned from the App Store, following Apple TV teardown

iFixit have been tearing down the latest Apple products, as well as other phones for ages now but the latest one has actually ticked Apple off a bit. The new Apple TV has been teared down by the website and as the device is only available to developers until the final launch later this year sharing any details to the public actually violates the NDA, which strictly states that any publication […]

Plex will come to the new Apple TV

Plex is a popular media server software solution and actually most users don’t actually use an Apple TV because of this lack of support, not many people have opted for an Apple TV. Now, that all changes as before the only type of media that you could stream internally was iTunes content from your computer, but Plex have spoken to ITWorld that when Apple opens up the SDK for the new Apple […]

Apple launches new Apple TV, first refresh in three years

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the next generation Apple TV – and this is a big update and definitely worth waiting for, the last generation was released three years ago and since then, there have been endless rumours surrounding it as to when it will be released and what Apple is going to do to make TV better.  Earlier in the year it was rumoured that Apple will release it at WWDC, but […]

What is expected from the Apple September 9 event

So Apple’s traditional September event is days away, it’s this week in fact but what can we expect this year, yes there will be a new iPhone but it’s rumoured that the company is planning to unveil a new version of the Apple TV which is well over due. It was rumoured earlier in the year that Apple would release a new Apple TV at WWDC – but that never happened. Also […]

We might not see a new Apple TV at WWDC

Since the Apple Watch and MacBook event in March, rumours have spread that Apple might introduce a new version of the set-top box at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference this Monday. But in a recent report from the New York Times, Cupertino isn’t planning to launch a new model in the end. Since March, various reports have cropped up that a new Apple TV might feature a new touch-based remote and an […]

‪CBS‬ Sports and USA NOW launch on Apple TV

This year the Apple TV has had quite a bit of attention, with the HBO NOW and price drop in the last few months. Now the latest services to launch on the set top box is USA NOW and CBS Sports. Both channels don’t offer and any live channel, just on-demand options for now, but this brings even more content to the device. If you live in the US, you shook […]

Apple TV now has CNNgo for news shows

Apple seems to be updating and adding new channels to the Apple TV quite regularly and now CNNgo is available on the set top box but is requires a cable subscription to view live news, but on demand news can watched for free. Other news channels on the Apple TV include ABC News, CNBC, Sky News, CBS News, Bloomberg TV and WSJ Live which all are available on the device for […]