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UK supermarket Morrisons, adds support for My Morrisons loyalty card in Apple Wallet

A few days ago, Morrisons updated its My Morrsions app on iOS to now support Apple Wallet. It isn’t the most advanced card ever added to Apple Wallet, with no support for popping the card up on the Lock Screen and the Apple Watch support is pretty pointless, with no QR code or barcode supported. However, it is a start in the right direction. To add the card, open the […]

What apps and shops support Apple Wallet in the UK?

This is a complete guide to all the apps, shops and services in the United Kingdom that support Apple Wallet. Carrying around physical loyalty cards can be very impractical to manage and keep track off, even more so with the amount of different cards that exist at the moment. This guide will only focus on apps and shops that support Apple Wallet natively. For those places that don’t support it […]