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New report shows why you shouldn’t use AirTags for tracking dogs

A new report from The Wall Street Journal has outlined the dangers of using an AirTag for tracking dogs and other pets. Apple has never recommended that people should use AirTags for tracking pets or people, but this new report does show what the dangers are if and when people do. AirTag devices are able to be attached to dog collars and are in theory, a good way for people […]

Apple may have canceled plans for a revamped HomePod mini

We’ve seen quite a few HomePod updates in the past few weeks, with HomePod OS 16.3 released this week, HomePod mini getting support for its temperature and humidity sensors as well as the all-new HomePod second-generation. However, Apple was also reported to be working on a new HomePod mini, after the current generation was revealed back in 2020. However, renowned Apple reported Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has reported that he believes that Apple […]

Apple reveals refreshed MacBook Pro models, with all-new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips

Earlier this week on Tuesday, Apple released an all-new generation of the MacBook Pro, in both the 14-inch and 16-inch models. These new models are a refresh on the new models Apple announced in October 2021. Based on a lot of the video and image files found on the Apple website, many people have been led to believe that Apple originally intended to announce these new devices in October 2022, […]

Apple announces new HomePod, priced at £299/$299

Apple has today announced the brand new HomePod, second generation. The new model is available from today in either white and midnight costing $299 in the US and £299 in the UK. The first deliveries to customers will begin Friday 3rd February. In terms of design, it is pretty much identical to the HomePod that Apple discontinued back in March 2021. The design is better described as a larger HomePod […]

Apple is rumoured to be preparing to bid for the Premier League streaming rights

According to British newspaper/tabloid Daily Mail, Apple has been reported to be preparing a bid to secure the rights to the English Premier League. The rights to stream the league are soon due for renewal and the current three year deal with Sky Sports and BT Sport expires in 2025. Apple has recently shown an interest in football. For example, back in 2020 Apple started streaming Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ which […]

Apple Car Key feature now shareable between iPhone and Android, starting with BMW

In December, BMW shared a press release outlining the fact that Apple Car Key cards, which are available to be used on BMW cars can now be shared between iPhone and Android devices, of which it says is the result of a new co-development with Apple and Google. Since the launch of Car Key, BMW has been an early partner and the main benefit is that there is no dedicated […]

Apple has added current Home App issues to an internal list of major issues

In a new post from MacRumors, it has been reported that Apple is now considering the ongoing issues with HomeKit and the Home App within iOS 16.2 and other new Apple operating systems as a “Major Issue.” This comes after numerous reports from users online and from the media in general about the ongoing stability issues and bugs with the new Home app architecture, which was introduced with iOS 16.2 […]

Apple has pulled the new Home Architecture in iOS 16.2

As of yesterday, Apple has seemingly pulled the new and updated Home Architecture that can be found in iOS 16.2, macOS 13.1, HomePod 16.2 and other recent software versions. These new software versions have only been out for a little over one week and many users online have been reporting issues with HomeKit. Since iOS 16.2 was released, the new and improved Home Architecture was also available, but required every […]

Apple TV app could be launching on Android soon

Today it has been reported that Apple could be working on a dedicated Apple TV app for Android. The news comes from @ShrimpApplePro on Twitter who has accurately leaked information about Apple before, unclosing the box design for the iPhone 14 Pro and the Dynamic Island altogether. They have also reported that Apple is currently in the middle of beta testing and plans to release it soon. exclusiveApple TV app […]

Belkin puts the new Continuity Camera Mount for Mac desktops on sale

Last week, Belkin has put the new Continuity Camera Mount for Mac desktops on sale, via the official Apple Store in the US, for $39.95 but isn’t available in the UK just yet it seems. The new mount allows an iPhone with MagSafe to be attached to the top of the display of an iMac and other displays such as a Studio Display or even most third party displays too. […]