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Backblaze, is raising subscription prices for backups

This month, back up service Backblaze has announced that they are increasing prices slightly this year from March 11th. Backblaze? For those unfamiliar with Backblaze, it is a superb secondary or primary backup solution for your Windows PC or Mac. It offers unlimited, always on backup to the cloud, it plays nice with Time Machine on macOS and has it’s own application for Windows. Starting on March 11th this year, […]

Backblaze, committed to support TOTP by August 2017

Backblaze, if you’ve never come access the company is based in Silicon Valley, has been up and running for 10 years and offers an affordable solution to backing up your PC or Mac to the cloud. Security This week I was curious, I have been using the service for around a year or so now and noticed that that the login procedure supports two-step verification, however via SMS. While using […]