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BBC has been labelled as ‘government-funded’ on Twitter

Yesterday, it was discovered that the main @BBC account on Twitter had been relabelled to say it was government-funded. Twitter has long been provided some context on select accounts, such as government officials, media and more but the most recent update has been to the main BBC account. Over the past few days, several media outlets such as NPR and Russia Today have been re-labelled on Twitter. The BBC have […]

Top Gear is moving from BBC Two to BBC One

Top Gear returned to our screens a few weeks ago and it has already been pretty popular, Chris, Paddy and Freddie have already had a British summer holiday with three convertibles in Essex, built an off road car based on Bedford Rascal to compete with the new Land Rover Defender and just last week on Sunday, the three took American cars to Peru on a road trip. Earlier today, Chris […]

Classic Doctor Who episodes are now on BritBox

BritBox, the streaming service from the BBC and ITV has now been loaded with all of the classic Doctor Who episodes, all 558 episodes. From Boxing Day earlier this week, the show was made available. “BritBox becoming the first complete digital home of Doctor Who Classic creates a special opportunity for fans and streamers across the UK. We are looking forward to expanding the collection even further by working with […]

Top Gear is back this summer, with Series 27

Top Gear series 26 just ended a few weeks ago in March and at the very end of the last episode, the BBC gave us a small 30 second glimpse as to what the next season of Top Gear would be like. Filming of series 27 is well underway and with the new series, the cast does get shaken up a bit. Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid have left the […]

BBC Top Gear is back on 17th February

Earlier in January we reported that BBC Top Gear series 26 will be returning to our screens sometime early this year, but now the BBC have announced that Series 26 will start from Sunday 17th February on BBC Two as usual at 8pm. It’ll also be viewable on iPlayer live at the same time, then on demand shortly afterwards. Series 26 is shorter than most, at just five episodes. And […]

Top Gear is back, with Series 26 coming soon

BBC is back this year with another season of Top Gear, staring Matt Le Blanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid. Series 26 will see the three on Matt’s last series and the new series will be a little shorter than usual, with just five hour long episodes featuring a small 4×4 race, navigating Sri Lanka in Tuk-Tuks, tons of supercar action and the return of The Stig and the Reasonably Fast […]

Top Gear Season 25 starts this Sunday

Top Gear is back on our screens, just has the last episode of the second season of The Grand Tour aired last week. The first episode of series 25 is scheduled to air on BBC 2 this Sunday, 25th February. This is now the third season to be produced, following the issues with Jeremy Clarkson, one of the former hosts of the popular motoring show. Top Gear season 22 was ended part […]

BBC launches Alexa skill for live radio

This week the BBC has launched their second Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo, the current one they offer simply gives news snippets and flash news. The new skill offers support for all BBC Radio stations and BBC Podcasts. Radio and podcasts The new skill for Alexa can play any BBC radio station, over the internet which would make the rise of internet radio much easier to access as you […]

BBC iPlayer app now available for Apple TV

The new Apple TV is great, I can confirm that but one thing that is missing is the addition of the UK’s biggest on demand service, BBC iPlayer. When Apple’s new set-top box was announced back in September alongside the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro, the BBC said that they had “no plans” to release an app for the Apple TV, but after some developers managed to whip up and […]

BBC Three will go online only in February

This week, the BBC has confirmed the inevitable. BBC Three will be moving to the status of online only at the end of February next year, removing the channel entirely from the standard TV, the channel has been a proving ground in recent years for new and fresh comedies, Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education along with others made their debut on the channel. In terms of the current line of shows that air daily, […]