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BMW i3 receives update, new bigger 94Ah battery and more range

BMW’s smaller electric car has had it’s fair amount of attention of the few years it’s been on sale and for good reasons. The BMW i3 may be expensive but it’s high quality and now with this weeks update it has a solid range that can at least compete with Tesla on some level. For 2016 BMW has given the i3 a update, adding a new larger battery which nearly […]

BMW is now paying i3 owners to charge at non-peak times

Owners of the BMW i3 electric car will start being paid by BMW if they only charge it during non-peak times to help the overall usage of electricity be reduced. The BMW i3 can be charged at home or at places where it can be powered up quickly. This new trail is running from July 2015 to December 2016 within California. How does it work? BMW will have the ability to […]