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Residents of Isle of Coll, Scotland without internet for three weeks due to issue with wireless backhaul radios

Residents of the Isle of Coll, Scotland have been without internet access for around three weeks due to an issue with the wireless backhaul radios that feed the island. The remote island has around two hundred residents, with around forty of them being affected by the issues. To get service to the island, Openreach deployed a Wireless-to-the-Cabinet (WTTC) network a few years ago. The use of microwave links isn’t something […]

Vodafone home broadband now live in the UK

A few months back, Vodafone started selling home broadband in the UK again after it left the market three years ago. The company returned with Connect initially in Manchester which uses the BT Openreach network as a backend. Now, Vodafone has expanded it to the rest of the county as now any customer can now sign up for home broadband with the company. Plenty of companies are offering broadband such as […]

Plusnet has reduced all business fibre broadband prices

Plusnet, which is actually owned by BT has recently announced that it will subsidise fibre broadband costs for businesses, thanks to the Governments BDUK broadband voucher schemes, which aims to help small businesses. The actual discount is a total of £120 which last one year. A standard Business Fibre package with Plusnet would usually cost £35.50 but thanks to the voucher, it will cost £25.50 per month. The scheme will be […]