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The MOT extension for car and vans could see extra demand later in the year

Back in March the MOT deadline for cars and vehicles in the UK were automatically extended by six months if they were due to expire on or after the 30th March, so long as the vehicles were kept in a safe and roadworthy condition. According to a Freedom of Information from MoneySuperMarket it is now apparent that over 3 million cars and vans on UK roads have had MOT deadlines […]

UK government has extended the consultation period for the combustion engine ban

The UK government has an ongoing plan to have zero carbon emissions by 2050, other countries have this ambition or similar in mind and to help get there, the original plan was to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel powered cars by 2040 and there is an ongoing decision to bring this forward to 2035 – or even earlier to help speed up the transition to electric vehicles. […]

Morgan Motors is stopping production for the next four weeks

Like other british based car factories and companies, the Morgan Motor company based in Malvern will be closing its factory and stopping production for a short period of time, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus to help prevent it from spreading. “We have made the decision to close our factory for the next four weeks to minimise any movement of staff and partners.” Morgan Motors NEWS: An update from […]

Alfa Romeo introduces GTA version of the Gulia saloon

Alfa Romeo has been a bit quiet since the new Gulia saloon and the Stelvio SUV were introduced a few years ago but this week, in the absence of the actual motor show in Geneva, Alfa Romeo have launched a new special edition of the Gulia with much more power, a very similar concept to the Jaguar XE Project 7 that Jaguar did a few years back, a stripped down […]

Morgan drove its show car back from Geneva to its HQ in Malvern

As we know by now, last week the Geneva motor show was cancelled along with a lot of other events recently, including MWC, GDC, F8 and others. All due to fears of the coronavirus, but due to the last minute nature of the cancelation, Morgan amongst other car manufactures had already shipped show cars down to Geneva ready for the event. Much to the credit of a lot of the […]

New Volkswagen Golf Mk8 now available to order

The new Volkswagen Golf for 2020 is now open for order, but only in a few entry level versions at this time, with the Golf Life and the Golf Style. The entry level version starts at £23,875. Golf Mk8 The new eighth generation Volkswagen Golf was announced back in October and has already been on sale in Germany since December, but as of yesterday the order books have opened up […]

BMW will support Android Auto next year

BMW has long been charging a yearly fee for CarPlay, which it has now ditched because why would you charge for CarPlay? Every other car company includes it as no charge. And now, BMW has announced that by July 2020 it will finally support Android Auto. However the support is only wireless, which isn’t an issue with CarPlay as all phones work with wireless CarPlay, but only a few Google […]

Aston Martin introduces an exclusive Concorde Edition of the DBS Superleggera

To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Concorde taking off for the first time – Aston Martin has announced a special, limited edition of the DBS Superleggera which has a few tweaks and special details over the regular car. The car is made in association with British Airways. Aston Martin’s in house Q division has created the special edition, of which only 10 are being made. Only one Aston […]

Skoda unveils new 2020 Octavia with more hybrid options

In the last few minutes, Skoda has unveiled the new Octavia for 2020, which is based off the new VW Golf Mk8 platform. This isn’t the first time one of the VW sister companies has used one of the VW platforms before Volkswagen itself, back in 2017, Seat used the Polo platform for 2018 on the Seat Ibiza supermini. Octavia This is now the Octavia’s fourth generation, with a much […]

Top Gear is back, with Series 26 coming soon

BBC is back this year with another season of Top Gear, staring Matt Le Blanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid. Series 26 will see the three on Matt’s last series and the new series will be a little shorter than usual, with just five hour long episodes featuring a small 4×4 race, navigating Sri Lanka in Tuk-Tuks, tons of supercar action and the return of The Stig and the Reasonably Fast […]