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All electric Dacia Spring is looking ‘very positive’ for UK launch

We reported back in June this year that Dacia might be bringing its all electric Spring hatchback to the UK, with a decision to be made soon. The budget EV is on sale in the majority of Europe and has already been proved popular, with 40,000 orders been taken in eight months. However, during this time Dacia has still been in the ‘making a decision’ phase, but this week Denis […]

All electric Dacia Spring hits 40,000 orders in 8 months

The new Dacia Spring, a budget EV from the subsidiary brand under Renault has already hit 40,000 orders thanks to its affordable price and decent range. Dacia started taking pre-orders in the majority of Europe between March and June 2021 and achieved 16,000 reservations in that time period. The Spring is available in France, Italy, Germany, Romania and Spain, but not the UK. Within eight months, Dacia has achieved 40,000 […]

Dacia announces new Duster Commercial for £12,795

Dacia has today announced a new commercial version of its popular Duster SUV, with a starting price of £12,795 in the UK. Like other commercialised versions of passenger cars, the Duster sacrifices the rear passenger seats for a flat loading area, like a van. The rear space has a capacity of 1,623 litres and can carry half a tonne. The Duster Commercial is based on the new version of the […]

Dacia announces new Jogger, a seven seat family car

Dacia today has announced the new Jogger, a new take on a seven seater family car that isn’t an SUV or an MPV. The new car takes inspiration from the latest Sandero and sits on the same platform as it, only here it is 300mm longer. The Joggy is only available in front wheel drive configuration, with what Dacia call SUV styling and the spaciousness of an MPV. The Joggy […]

New Dacia Duster now on sale in the UK, for under £14,000

Dacia has recently announced the new styling and tech update to its small SUV, the Duster. The Renault owned budget brand has a good reputation here in the UK for good simple cars, at a good price and the new updated Duster look to build on that. Dacia has changed a few things around the car, such as new Y shaped headlights, new chrome grille as well as LED front […]

Dacia might be bringing its budget Spring EV to the UK soon

Dacia is a brand known in the UK for its budget cars, good quality basic ones and Dacia has the cheapest new car on sale in the UK still, with the Sandero at £7,170. However, the product line up fro the Renault owned brand doesn’t contain any electric or hybrid cars yet, even though it does offer LPG powered models. Dacia has a new electric car which has gone on […]

Dacia updates the Duster for 2021

Dacia has recently updated the Duster SUV with a new slight redesign, some new technology inside for this model year. Dacia has given its new Y shaped headlights to the Dacia as well as new LED front indicators. New wheels and other trim pieces are here now, with optimised 15-inch and 16-inch wheels, for aero. Inside, Dacia has changed a few things with a new centre console and 8-inch infotainment […]

Renault’s future models will be limited to 112mph

Future models from Renault and Dacia will have speed limits in them from factory with a top speed restriction of 112mph, this is a move to hopefully make the vehicles it sells safer. The Renault Group is not only limiting speed, but also adding some other safety tech into its cars, with something calling “Detect”, “Safety Coach” and “Rescue Code”. The speed limiting tech will only apply to The Renault […]

Dacia shows off the new Sandero and Sandero Stepway

Dacia, a part of the Renault group has this week revealed the updated Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway with an all new design, with new Y shaped headlights and both cars now sit on an all new platform from Renault, the ‘CMF-B’. So far this is just a reveal with more details coming later this month on 29th September. “Dacia unveils the All-New Sandero, All-New Sandero Stepway and All-New Logan, […]

Dacia will have a Renault-based, all-electric car in the next two years

Romanian car company Dacia is famed for making really inexpensive but good quality cars here in the UK, its parent company Renault supplies parts from older models to drive the price down but until now the company has not had an electric car or any hybrid for that matter. Whereas Renault has launched EV models with the now famous Zoe and Twizzy as well as multiple electric van models, which […]