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Vauxhall stops offering the Astra with a diesel engine

Vauxhall has decided to stop offering diesel versions of the new Astra hatchback and estate, citing poor demand for the power-train. A large amount of car companies have been stepping back from offering diesel options of its cars lately, with BMW recently, Vauxhall with the Corsa last year and many more. Like many car companies, Vauxhall is also planning on becoming on EV only brand in the next few years, […]

BMW has removed the option of a diesel engine from some BMW and Mini cars

BMW has removed the option of a diesel engine from a few BMW cars and Mini today in the UK as the demand for diesel dwindles. BMW has spoken to Autocar today about this and a couple of cars have been mode petrol only, including the 2 Series Coupe and 2 Series Convertible as well as the Countryman D in the Mini lineup. The main reason for removing the diesel is the […]

Seat removes diesel options from Ibiza and Arona as customer demand is low

Car manufacturers are slowly getting rid of diesels from line ups currently, Seat is one of the latest and it has now removed the diesel option of the Ibiza supermini and the Arona. The engines have been removed from the UK line-up due to poor customer demand as buyers are now preferring smaller petrol engines and electric cars. The 1.6-litre four-cylinder diesel was offered in both 93bhp and 113bhp options […]

Volkswagen will be paying every diesel car owner $7,000

The recent emissions scandal with Volkswagen is hitting the company hard, if the bad press wasn’t enough now the US district court has ordered that VW should pay every owner of a diesel car which was affected by diesel car $7,000 for the trouble, in total this will cost Volkswagen around $10 billon. If you’re looking at this and thinking you’ll be expecting $7,000 from VW bad luck, the report suggests […]