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Apple will announce earnings for Q2 2018 on May 1st

Just in the last few days, Apple has announced via its Investor page that it’s earnings conference call and earnings announcements for Q2 2018 will take place on the first day in May this year on Tuesday May 1 at 5pm ET / 2pm PT. Be sure to come back to A&T Tech after the event to hear about the company’s earnings for this quarter as well as any other […]

Apple reveals Q2 2016 earnings

Just yesterday, Apple revealed its earnings for the second quarter of this year, although when compared to this heater last year – the earnings seem to be down and overall sales of the iPhone seem to be slipping slowly year over year. However Apple did predict this during the last earnings call, so the slight decline in sales shouldn’t be surprising. So here is a comparison between Q2 2016 and […]