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Electric car values are plummeting, according to Cap HPI

According to Cap HPI, the value of electric cars is plummeting. The company has been recording the value of EVs and has seen a 18% decline in the value in the last 12 months. EVs are also struggling to sell too, with the slowest to sell being the Audi Q4 e-tron. Customers are also seeing issues when cars have been previously valued. For example, Autocar have reported about Richard Hilder who had […]

UK government is planning a mandate for electric cars to be a percentage of a car manufacturer’s sales

The UK government is planning on proposing that the cars that manufacturers sell, a proportion of them have to be fully electric, or zero emissions, such as hydrogen. The exact details of this proposal is yet to be finalised or even decided at this stage – the DfT hasn’t even had a consultation on it yet. However, the eventual aim is to improve choice for customers, now that there is a […]

Germany is looking at requiring electric car charging at every fuel station in the country

Electric cars and vehicles are an important part in society to get the world to reduce its dependancy on damaging fossil fuels and ultimately reduce the amount of CO2 that gets produced. One of the main reasons people steer clear from electric cars is the the range and the availability of public chargers. Germany is looking at requiring every fuel station in the country have electric car chargers, which is […]

Volkswagen e-Golf will stay in production for a bit longer

The Volkswagen e-Golf is based on the outgoing Mk7 Golf which, has now been replaced by the eighth generation – Volkswagen refers to this as the ‘Golf 8’. The e-Golf was due to be discontinued as soon as the new ID.3 electric car hits the market, which is expected to be this summer. However, some reports have now suggested that the launch date may be delayed due to current software […]

Dacia will have a Renault-based, all-electric car in the next two years

Romanian car company Dacia is famed for making really inexpensive but good quality cars here in the UK, its parent company Renault supplies parts from older models to drive the price down but until now the company has not had an electric car or any hybrid for that matter. Whereas Renault has launched EV models with the now famous Zoe and Twizzy as well as multiple electric van models, which […]

NHS to lease 700 Jaguar I-Pace electric cars

The NHS is going to be starting to use electric cars for personal and business use, a new deal between the NHS and Jaguar Land Rover will see 700 new Jaguar I-Pace all electric SUVs to be leased on a three year plan with the Northumbria Healthcare’s NHS Fleet Solutions. The program is being funded by employees with a salary sacrifice. “Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust reached a deal with […]

Renault confirms electric Twingo ZE to arrive this year

Renault has confirmed that a new electric version of the Twingo city car will be going on sale later this year, but only for Europe and not for the UK market. Renault already makes a few electric only models, the most famous being the Zoe and Twizzy cars. In the next twelve months, Renault is planning on two new electric cars, one being the new Twingo ZE and also a […]

UK Government doubles funding for new EV infrastructure

Here in the UK electric cars haven’t had the instant growth of new take ups that Norway has had or that the US has had with the Tesla Model 3, but the UK government is planning on doubling the funding for new electric charging infrastructure, the Department for Transport (DfT) will be focusing on new residential chargers on the side of streets as most places in shared housing or flats […]

VW aims to produce 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2025

Volkswagen has been battling with the aftermath of ‘dieselgate’ for nearly five years now and since that has been dealt with, the company and most of the VW Group have been focusing on the future, which is electric vehicles. Tesla has been leading the market for EVs in the US for a while now, since the Model 3 was launched. ID.3 Not to get left behind, Volkswagen unveiled the first […]

Last year, the Tesla Model 3 was the world’s best selling EV

We have known about Tesla’s ‘mass market’ electric car for nearly three years now, since the announcement in March 2016. In that time, the company has delivered a record number of cars to customers, entered the model into new markets and it is now the best selling electric car in the world. This information comes from data firm JATO Dynamics, and it has stated that the Tesla Model 3 was […]