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Canadian prosecutors are looking to fine Volkswagen £110 million

In December last year, Volkswagen was heavily fined for importing around 128,000 cars into Canada which were above the emissions level. The company said they were guilty after it had been charged sixty times on separate occasions for providing the Canadian Environmental Protection Act misleading information. On Wednesday last week, Canadian prosecutors proposed a fine of $196.5 million (CAD) after Volkswagen pleaded guilty to diesel emissions violations. This is all […]

Volkswagen will be paying every diesel car owner $7,000

The recent emissions scandal with Volkswagen is hitting the company hard, if the bad press wasn’t enough now the US district court has ordered that VW should pay every owner of a diesel car which was affected by diesel car $7,000 for the trouble, in total this will cost Volkswagen around $10 billon. If you’re looking at this and thinking you’ll be expecting $7,000 from VW bad luck, the report suggests […]

VW is settling emissions scandal by paying out $10.2 billion

Volkswagens emissions scandal has settled from the headlines somewhat now, but it’s been revealed in a report by The AP that VW still has to pay out around $10.2 billion to fully settle all the claims. Last year when this scandal surfaced Volkswagen was caught using specialist software to mask what the true emissions of their cars were in order to make them look more economical than they actually are. Since 2008 […]