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Mini confirms that the iconic convertible will be electric in 2025

Mini has confirmed that it will be launching an all new electric convertible version of the Mini this decade, specifically in 2025. Currently the company only offers the Mini in electric form on one model, the three door hatchback so it is good that the drivetrain will make it to more models. It is likely that the Mini E Convertible will share the same drivetrain and battery set up from […]

Ford announces name of its all electric F-150 pickup

This week, Ford finally announced plans for its upcoming electric pickup truck, as well as the name. Ford is reusing the F-150 Lightning badge, which was used on SVT trucks from the 90s. Lightning is a good name for an electric truck from Ford and the new truck will be unveiled later this month on the 19th May. Making the F-150 electric is a major step for Ford, the other big […]

Jeep will be installing EV chargers at off road locations in the US

Jeep has announced last week that starting this spring, it will begin to start rolling out EV charing stations at certain off road trail locations across the US. This is following the launch of the new Jeep Wrangler 4xe hybrid, and whats quite good is that Jeep will be using solar or mains power to supply the electricity. Solar makes sense at a lot of remote off road locations, where […]

Ford’s models will be all electric by 2030 in Europe and UK

Here in the UK, the government is going to be banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by the year 2030. Then in 2035 the sale of new hybrids will be banned too, meaning that from the year 2035 the only new cars that’ll be allowed to be sold will be 0% emission, whether that be 100% electric or hydrogen. Ford has announced this week that in the […]

Vauxhall launches all electric Combo-e van with 171 mile range

Joining the other two PSA related small electric vans is the new Combo-e from Vauxhall. Peugeot has the e-Partner and Citroën has the e-Berlingo. All three vans share the same CMP platform which is what the Corsa-e and e-208 are both based on. As expected all three vans are very similar, all with 171 miles of range and going on sale later this year. The Combo-e has a single electric motor […]

The Hummer may come back as an electric pickup

GMs Hummer brand made its last truck in May 2010 and the company was made defunct on the same day due to the electric crisis of 2008. But Hummer could be back, but this time as an all electric pickup truck to rival the Tesla Cyber Truck and upcoming Rivian models. According to the Wall Street Journal GM is looking to bring the Hummer brand back sometime in 2022 under […]

Tesla launches new ‘Chill’ driving mode for its cars

Tesla cars have always had long standing fame for being fast off the line, with Ludicrous mode which enables the Model S and Model X to accelerate in record times, the Model S P100D even has the crown for the fastest ever production car from 0-60MPH, in just 2.5 seconds. Chill But some people apparently aren’t buying Teslas for the performance and crazy acceleration numbers, but instead more for helping […]