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Volkswagen ID Buzz coming to EU next year and US in 2023

The all electric Buzz from Volkswagen is coming very soon to Europe with the US getting it a year later in 2023. Volkswagen spoke to Car and Driver this week who confirmed the news. Volkswagen will be launching quite a wide variety of models here in the UK and UK with a commercial vehicle version as well as a passenger van in different wheelbase sizes, short and long. Whereas the US will […]

FedEx is planning for a fully electric fleet by 2040

A lot of companies are making plans and making shifts the world of electric vehicles, it is an important reality we all need to work towards and earlier in February, Jaguar made the decision to become an all electric company by the year 2025, along with Ford by 2030 and so on. Now FedEx is making some promises, it is planning on becoming fully electric for its fleet by the […]

Mercedes is not going to sell the EQC in the US ‘for now’

Mercedes launched the all electric EQC SUV in 2019 here in the UK and Europe but the USA is a very big market for Mercedes and competition for electric cars is fierce especially with Tesla selling huge numbers. Despite this so far Mercedes hasn’t launched the EQC in North America but this decision may change in the future. Large SUVs and pick up trucks are very popular in the US […]

We’re getting more things delivered lately, this has sparked concern of fuel consumption

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, more and more things are being delivered to us at home, online food shopping, essential items, clothes and even cars are being delivered to us now. This rapid increase in deliveries has caused some concern about road congestion, the impact of burning fuel and what that means for air quality in cities. LeasePlan has conduced some research to look into this and […]

Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in the UK last month

In December 2020, Tesla had the best selling car of the month here in the UK with the Model 3. Almost 6,000 units of the car were shifted even with a decline of 29.4% in new car registrations year on year in the whole country. Tesla sold exactly 5,798 of the Model 3, more than the ever popular Volkswagen Golf and usual crowing champion, the Ford Fiesta. In December, Volkswagen […]

Norway is now the first country where EVs are more popular than petrol and diesel cars

Norway has been ahead of every other country in the world for quite a number of years now and in 2020, for the first time electric cars outsold traditional petrol and diesel combustion cars. In 2020 54.3% of all the new cars sold were fully electric BEV vehicles, not hybrid at all. In the year previously, 42.1% of the cars sold were fully electric. In terms of what cars are […]

Government launches new green numberplate for EVs

Starting this week, the new number plates for EVs only, are being rolled out and they have green badges to the left, where the usual country flag goes. The plates will make electric vehicles to be much easier to recognise, but they are only optional at this stage, rather than mandatory. Nissan and Yougov conducted some research which suggested that 32% of people that were surveyed would be more likely […]

Electric car registrations have doubled this year

So far in 2020, electric car registrations have almost doubled when compared to the numbers from 2019, so far this year 86,291 all electric vehicles were registered and last year, 37,850 were registered. These numbers have come from the the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and they have also said that while new registrations of EVs has increased, diesel registrations have also decreased by more than 50%. Diesel […]

Porsche’s best selling model in November was the all-electric Taycan

While the company hasn’t released any hard numbers on the amount of cars it has sold, Porsche spoke to Autocar and said that here in the UK last month, it sold more of the Taycan than any other of its models, typically the company sells more Macan SUVs most months. The Porsche Taycan is the company’s first foray into the all electric world, it did make hybrid with the 918 back in 2013, […]