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Government launches new green numberplate for EVs

Starting this week, the new number plates for EVs only, are being rolled out and they have green badges to the left, where the usual country flag goes. The plates will make electric vehicles to be much easier to recognise, but they are only optional at this stage, rather than mandatory. Nissan and Yougov conducted some research which suggested that 32% of people that were surveyed would be more likely […]

Electric car registrations have doubled this year

So far in 2020, electric car registrations have almost doubled when compared to the numbers from 2019, so far this year 86,291 all electric vehicles were registered and last year, 37,850 were registered. These numbers have come from the the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and they have also said that while new registrations of EVs has increased, diesel registrations have also decreased by more than 50%. Diesel […]

Porsche’s best selling model in November was the all-electric Taycan

While the company hasn’t released any hard numbers on the amount of cars it has sold, Porsche spoke to Autocar and said that here in the UK last month, it sold more of the Taycan than any other of its models, typically the company sells more Macan SUVs most months. The Porsche Taycan is the company’s first foray into the all electric world, it did make hybrid with the 918 back in 2013, […]

First all electric car charging forecourt in the UK opened today

The UK’s first all-electric car charging forecourt has opened today in Essex with capacity for up to 36 cars at a time – all powered by solar. The forecourt is just outside Braintree, Essex and comes from Gridserve, a company which specialises in solutions for electric vehicles and alternative energy. The project has been on the go since March and officially opened this morning. In terms of the energy source, […]

Department of Transport says the amount of public EV chargers has increased by 18% in the past year

Ever since electric cars were a part of main stream culture, a selection of people aren’t convinced they’ll be viable or work in the long run and with the 2030 ban of new car sales that are only combustion based looming, there is a need for some extra information on the infrastructure. This month, the DfT (Department for Transport) has provided some extra information on how many public electric chargers […]

GM has had to recall over 68,000 Chevy Bolts as issues with catching fire crop up

Last week the news broke that GM has recently started recalling Chevy Bolts due to the risk of the battery catching fire, GM is recalling a lot of cars, 68,677 of them and only ones manufactured earlier than 2020 due to the new model having improved battery chemistry. Detroit News broke the news last week and the recall will aid GM in getting to the bottom of five fires between 2017 and […]

Volkswagen introduces new all electric ID 4 SUV, will be available globally

Today Volkswagen has introduced the new all electric ID 4 SUV, this is the first model in the ID range which will be a fully global car, with factories across the world set to be producing the car in an entirely carbon neutral way. The ID 4 will be produced in Zwickau, Germany and for China in two factories in Anting and Foshan. Volkswagen will also be offering the ID […]

MG announce new all-electric MG 5 estate, starting at £25k

MG has today announced the new MG 5 estate and this is the only all electric estate care currently on the market Europe. The MG 5 is based on the existing Roewe Ei5 from China, Roewe is owned by SAIC, who is the parent company of MG and has been since 2006. The MG 5 has two trim levels available, the Excite and the Exclusive. Both models have the same […]

Volkswagen’s new ID range of electric cars will only be sold online

Volkswagen revealed a few weeks ago that, despite the software issues it has been facing with the new ID 3 all electric car, it was indeed on track to start selling it here in the UK by July 2020 but a few days after this news, Volkswagen also revealed that the whole range of ID cars will be sold online only, similar to how Tesla works. VW isn’t ditching its […]

Skoda temporarily removes the Citigo-e iV from sale, due to high demand

The new Skoda Citigo-e iV was introduced only a few months ago and already, Skoda has temporarily removed the car from sale here in the UK. The decision comes following high demand for the model, which is Skoda’s first fully electric car. Autocar reported today that around 400 units were allocated to the UK back in January and by the middle of March this year, all of them were sold. “We […]