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Facebook, Instagram and Threads down worldwide

This afternoon, Meta – the company behind Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Threads is experiencing a large scale outage which is seemingly affecting users worldwide. Facebook, Instagram and Threads are all being reported as down by users on X. Users have reported they have been logged out and the services are failing to load on desktop and mobile. As of 15:57 GMT, the Meta system status page is down. Andy Stone, […]

Facebook Inc. is now called Meta

Facebook Inc, the company not the social network is being rebranded to Meta. The news was revealed by Zuckerberg during a keynote from the company’s Connect event. Facebook, the social network is still retaining the same name, along with its subsidiaries, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. The Oculus brand will be retired in due course, instead taking on the Meta branding. The brand Facebook has bad connotations, its reputation has diminished […]

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp back on now after six hours offline

Facebook and its related sites, WhatsApp, Oculus and Instagram have been offline since around 5pm on Monday evening (UK time). Around six hours later, the social media network is back online again, after a global outage. The company hasn’t disclosed what the issue was yet, but Brian Krebs, a security reporter posted the following infomation on his website. To the huge community of people and businesses around the world who […]

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are all down this evening

Facebook is having some issues this evening, as its own website along with Instagram and WhatsApp, of which it owns are all offline. Facebook has said it is working on getting the issues resolved, but it hasn’t explained yet what the issue could be. Downdetector is showing reports in the tens of thousands, with 35,000 currently showing. Due to Facebook owning Oculus too, this issue is affecting the services from […]

Facebook is telling iOS 14.5 users to enable tracking, to keep its apps ‘free of charge’

Apple released iOS 14.5 last week and it added support for App Tracking Transparency, a set of rules for app developers Apple has instigated after much delay as it was supposed to launch with iOS 14 back in September. App Tracking Transparency gives control back to the users on whether or not apps can collect information about you and then use it to track you on other apps and even […]

A&T Tech is now ‘Facebook Free’

As the world is becoming much more invasive, and companies like Facebook are ever increasing to take liberties with our personal data and not just on Facebook itself, the company has far too many hooks into other websites for ad tracking and even other services can be signed up to using Facebook accounts, granting it even more information it has no right to even see. The most recent headlines regarding […]

Facebook outage today affected Instagram DMs and Messenger

Facebook has had some issues today relating to DMs on Messenger and Instagram, which caused message to send to fail and as of writing, everything is back up and running but it was down from 09:30AM BST / 04:30AM ET and came back up this afternoon. Facebook spoke to The Verge today and said: “Earlier today, some people have experienced trouble sending or receiving messages on Messenger, Instagram or Workplace Chat. The […]

Facebook launches dedicated Messenger app for PC and Mac

Just in time for when everyone is working from home, but not quite just in time as now Zoom has taken over but Facebook has launched a dedicated app for Windows and macOS for Messenger, so you can now use the chat and video functionality of the Messenger platform, without having to use the web version. “Today we’re launching a Messenger app for MacOS and Windows so you can video […]

New Facebook design begins rolling out to users

Last year, Facebook promised us that a new design for the desktop version of the site would be coming at some stage, and now a very small percentage can see the new design live. The new look is a lot less cluttered, more space is given back and brighter colours are used all round. CNET reported recently about “The New Facebook” – which is what the redesign is being called should […]