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Forza Motorsport 6 is coming September 15

Its official. The next generation of Forza Motorsport is arriving on September 15th this year. The next big game from Microsoft is going to be a big step up from Forza 5, with driving in the rain and night as well as tracks in over 26 world-famous locations. The headline car with Forza 5 was the McLaren P1, with the sixth game the Ford GT takes the stage. The latest […]

Refreshed Xbox One launched with 1TB and new controller

Earlier this week, Amazon accidentally leaked an upcoming refresh of the Xbox One and now Microsoft has officially unveiled the updated console. Not much has changed with the actual console, but Microsoft has added a 1TB HDD and a refresh controller. The updated bundle also includes a copy of Halo: Master Chief Collection, the bundle will be available on June 16 for $399 and the controller can be bought separately for $64.99, should you […]

NVIDIA G-Sync is coming to laptops

Back in September 2013, NVIDIA announced G-Sync which is a chip that lives inside certain gaming monitors to help with refresh rates and skipping issues. The monitors look like standard ones and G-Sync works with NVIDIA GPUs which have the Kepler architecture (GTX 660 and up). Now, NVIDIA is bringing the same technology to laptops. Today the company has announced that several high-end gaming notebooks will support this feature. The […]

New ‘Need for Speed’ set for fall release

EA along with other companies released its quarterly earnings this month, but along with the financial news, the company also released some information about an upcoming game called Need for Speed. While Need For Speed shares the same name with the popular game serie along with the past 20 years of games, this new reboot is looking to re-launch the series as a whole, and focuses on customisation, car culture and a truly […]

Minecraft 1.8.5 released, fixes bugs and security issues

On Friday, Mojang released another patch for Minecraft which fixes some security issues as well as numerous bugs. The last patch was released in April, which fixed an issue which allowed users to remotely crash servers. The latest version, 1.8.5 fixes a few security issues that have been reported as well as a handful of bug fixes. Issues with beacon effects and an improved server validation for movement packets. Minecraft […]

New Windows 10 preview brings more features to Xbox app

Microsoft has recently update the Xbox app on Windows 10 for Insiders. Now Xbox One and Windows 10 are coming even closer together as the final release date for the upcoming operating system is drawing closer. Microsoft has added “Game Hubs” which were added to the Xbox One in a recent software update and the new Game Bar, which is similar to the snap feature on Xbox One. The Game Bar […]

‪Forza‬ Horizon 2 Fast and Furious DLC free for a limited time

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Turn 10 Studios has released a DLC for Forza Horizon 2 which helps bring the Fast and Furious cars into the game as well as a new game plot. Included in the game is the Nissan GTR, Bugatti Veyron, Jeep Wrangler and a Dodge Charger. Usually the game is $9.99/£7.99 but until April 10 it is complety free. It takes up 10GB of space […]

The NVIDIA Titan X will cost $999

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Last week, as Alex and Ed Gaming covered the new NVIDIA Titan X was released but pricing was never confirmed, until this week. For this unaware the NVIDIA Titan X is the worlds most powerful GPU with 8 billion transistors, 3,072 CUDA cores and 7 teraflops performance. The Titan X also touts 12GB of VRAM. This means that the Titan X has better gaming […]