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Google reveals new Chrome icon design

Google has unveiled a new subtly redesigned Chrome logo recently, marking the first time Google has revamped the icon in eight years. Google has removed the shadows from the icon and made the colours brighter. Google designer Elvin Hu has actually revealed the process behind the new design on Twitter, which was spotted by The Verge. Some of you might have noticed a new icon in Chrome’s Canary update today. Yes! […]

Google Chrome will now mute auto-playing videos

This is awesome, I don’t personally use Google Chrome but I can imagine this being a huge pain when those pesky auto-playing videos that are littered all over the internet start blurting out loud music or something when you visit a website. But now in Chrome, the browser will start blocking the sound that comes from adverts or autoplaying videos by default and even if the site is still playing […]

New Chrome update will show HTTP websites as unsecure

The recent rise of websites supporting HTTPS has grown significantly in the past few years and while sites such as banking and actually any site where personal information is transmitted should be encrypted, it has been widely considered ‘unimportant’ to enable HTTPS on standard sites, like news websites, cafe sites etc. But to is very important to turn on, A&T Tech Back in April last year, we enabled HTTPS on […]

Chrome for Windows receives update, adds Material Design and battery enhancements

All you need to know is that Chrome is about to get better, about to be kinder to your battery and will look much better. But read on for more details on these changes. In essence Chrome is basically going to look better and won’t drain your battery as much on Windows laptops, this comes timely after Microsoft has been publicly shaming Google’s web browser as one of the main […]

Google will start blocking Flash from Chrome soon

It’s pretty well known by now that Adobe’s Flash player isn’t secure to be using, yet a lot of major websites still insist on using the crippled technology. This latest move from Google should help steer the last remains few sites into using the much faster, secure and less resource heavy HTML5 Video. This year Google will be blanket blocking the Flash plugin from Chrome – mainly the kind which loads elements […]

New Chromebase from Acer launches

Originally unveiled back in April, the new Chromebase from Acer is now available in two different model types in the US starting at $329. Both models are now available to purchases through major retailers in the United States. There are two different models available one with a touch screen for $429 and one without for $329. Both models have identical specs, apart from the touch screen, with a 21.5-inch 1080p display, NVIDIA […]

Google is looking to improve laptop battery life while using Chrome

Google Chrome has always been a problem for laptop battery life, especially on Macs, but the latest version of Chrome is aiming to do combat this. Recently, Google has worked with Adobe to improve the battery drain issues caused by Flash. The most recent update of Chrome has a new feature that can pause Flash content that isn’t being used. The new feature can “intelligently pause content” that isn’t important […]