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Google Maps now supports dark mode on Android

Last week, Google started rolling out a proper dark mode for Google Maps on Android. This was announced last week and the feature has been in testing since September, but as of last week the feature is now rolling out to users “soon.” Google is also making some changes to Android Auto, with a split screen dashboard similar to what CarPlay has had since iOS 13, but only cars with […]

Google Maps has now been around for 15 years

Google Maps has been with us for fifteen years now, it was the 15th year anniversary yesterday and to celebrate this, it now has a new icon. Gone is the map icon and we actually return to a pin icon, which one of the very early versions had, but this time with more colour. Not just the icon has changed however, Google has added a few new features to the […]

Google Maps now supports more 39 languages

With a recent update to Google Maps, the company has added support for 39 new languages, including Danish, Albanian and much much more which are below. The main language rollout focuses on eastern European counties and according to Google brings the mapping service to 1.25 billion people for their native languages. As of writing, the new updates for languages should be accessible today. Today, we’re making Google Maps even more […]

Google Map Maker now available again following shut down

Last week, Google revealed that the Google Map Maker online tool will now be back up and running after some vandalism three months ago where someone put a Android figure urinating on a Apple logo. The re-launch started last week in a number of countries getting access including Bangladesh, Canada, India, the Ukraine and the Philippines. As well as relaunching the service, Google is also making sure that this kind of […]